I’ve worked really hard this last month and now it comes down to the final weekend for me to lose 1.7 pounds by Sunday for my DietBet.  But you know what?  I got this.  I haven’t been this on track for a long time and you know what?  It feels good.  It feels good to be in control and not the food get control of me.

You know what I haven’t had a lot of this past month?  My beloved CHEESE!  Not joking at any one point in time there would be no less than five different cheeses in my refrigerator.  Now?  I have sliced American cheese from the deli – that’s it! Open-mouthed smile

So no rest day today.  I’ll have to workout at lunch and do an Insanity tonight, and then hit it hard tomorrow.  Lots of water (hello gallon of water!) and I can’t have any cocktails this weekend.  And I am totally fine with that. 

Usually after taking the week of from my wine, I’ll have a couple glasses on Friday night and before you know it I am already loopy and I wake up with a headache.  It’s just not worth it if I want to reach my goal. Open-mouthed smile

So this week is the last week I will be cooking for other people.  I need to let my SIL and my bosses know today.  It just takes up too much time and since I am doing a different diet – higher calorie meals and more protein, it would take too much time to modify their meals to their preferences.  It was a good run, but I need to concentrate on me and my food, but I hope they appreciated my efforts. Open-mouthed smile

I made another batch of Martha’s pancakes – this time I added sauteed apples and walnuts.  Over the weekend I made a batch of pork and apple breakfast sausages – these are so good – the fennel seed really makes these sausages. Open-mouthed smile  I did add crushed red pepper to this batch though.  With some fresh blueberries and sugar free pancake syrup – the beach body pancakes called for sprinkled powedered sugar, but I opted for my 30 calorie syrup – by the way, in my opinion Smucker’s makes the best sugar free pancake syrup – even Tony can’t tell it’s sugar free!


tuna 004

At lunch I decided to sweat it out on the StairMaster.  I toggled between Level 8 for 4 minutes, then recover at level 4 for one minute – for 35 minutes then did a 3 minute cool down. You know you are working it when your arms are beaded in sweat!  I listened to an 8 track motivation sound track – it was perfect.  You can’t see the quote, but it says:

“Man imposes his own limitations, don’t set any” – Anthony Bailey

PicMonkey Collage

I did 2.56 miles and 123 floors in 38 minutes. Open-mouthed smile

So lately I’ve been having a bit of foot pain in my right foot.  It doesn’t hurt while I work out, but afterwards.  It was really starting to bother me when Tony said “maybe you need new shoes?”  I’ve had this pair of New Balance shoes for a while – I had to look up how long – um, turns out they are THREE and A HALF YEARS OLD!  I won them from Jenn from Prior Fat Girl back on March of 2010!


So I switched to my “gym only” shoes and it’s made all the difference. I finally have the arch support that I need – now I just need to find a comfy pair of work shoes – I’ve been wearing flip flops and sandals all summer and I think I need more support during the day.  And yes, I forgot socks in my gym back yesterday – hate when that happens!  These are Saucony and they are super comfy for my mismatched feet.

tuna 042

I got back to work and waited about 30 minutes to eat.  I had a chicken spinach wrap with the leftover bone in chicken we had the other night with the copycat Rudy’s bbq sause, some cucumber, grapes and 1 cup of low fat cottage cheese.

tuna 046

One of the beach body recipes called for tuna.  Not the canned tuna (I just about threw up in my mouth at the thought of that!) but ahi tuna.  I wish I loved more fish!  While I love shellfish (hello king crab legs!) I am not a huge fan of any type of FISHY fish.  I do like Chilean sea bass, but at $21 dollars a pound, that’s not happening.

So I decided to use the last of my food earning money and splurged and bought this $14 ahi tuna steak.  I think it’s funny that my grocery label says “Warrensville Heights, Ohio.”  I guess that’s where the chain is from??

tuna 011

While I was waiting for my steak to be cut, I looked down and saw this fish.  I remember on Hell’s Kitchen Chef Ramsey would shout out “One order John Dory” and I was like “what the fuck is a John Dory?!”  That’s a big fish!  I may try that next week??  Have you ever had it – and big question – is it a “fishy” fish?

tuna 048

tuna 013

Tony wanted blackened tuna – what??  Yep, it’s the only time he likes spicy food, but the spice really cooks off so it isn’t too spicy for him.  I don’t really have a recipe for it because I used a bit of this and that – even some meat rub I bought at the farmers market!

Tony had bbq duty while I cooked up some whole wheat fettucine and sauteed up some julienne zucchini – I love my julienne veggie peeler.

tuna 010

For our noodles, I just mixed up one tablespoon of teriyaki sauce mixed with one tablespoon of peanut sauce – look at how cute my tiny whisk is!

tuna 016

tuna 019

We should have taken it off right about then – but Tony was trying to “burn off” the blackening season, so it overcooked just a bit – but it was still delicious.  And it was right at Tony’s max heat level. Open-mouthed smile

tuna 022

Guess who else wanted some?  Kyle!

tuna 024

tuna 025

I hightailed it inside though, because as soon as I snapped that picture, he was literally two feet from me!

Since dinner was pretty light, I ended up doing Insanity about 30 minutes after dinner – 42 minutes of Plyometric Cardio Circuit – it was a good one and I kept up with Tania on every move – and I’ve started doing push-ups on my TOES instead of my knees.  Kim, aren’t you proud of me?! Open-mouthed smile  Me and my Big Ass Water!


Stats for the Day:

  • 1614 calories, 58 fat, 174 carbs, 27 fiber and 111 protein
  • 43% of calories from carbs, 33% from fat and 24% from protein
  • 38 minute stairmaster – 2.56 miles – 123 floors
  • 42 minute Insanity

Suzie wrote a post the other day about meeting a deaf child for the first time when she was in 4th grade.  She’s an awesome writer – go check it out!  Well it reminded Tony and I of something my step-son did years ago – I’ll let Tony explain it!

When my little boy Joey was just a child he was not the least bit interested in sports. He loved bugs and toads, and any sort of slimy creature he could catch. In later years he became quite an athlete, excelling in football. In the early days he understood football, but very little about baseball or softball. We were sitting watching kids playing softball. Joey watched quietly for some while when he saw the third base coach signaling to the batter and runners on base. A while later he asked with the innocence of a child ” Dad, are those girls deaf?”. I think I laughed for an hour and continue to chuckle to this day.

Love you Joe!  Alright, let’s get this show on the road – make it a great day and dig deep if you have to! Open-mouthed smile