I had every intention of making a green monster smoothie yesterday morning, but even though I had an hour and a half before having to leave for work, suddenly I looked up at the clock and realized it was time to go!

Only one solution then.  Throw shit in a bag for breakfast.  I threw in my homemade bread, a stalk of broccoli, egg whites, ham, cheese, and an apple and a banana.  Thus a broccoli egg white cheezy open face breakfast bread was born.

6.5 008

Yesterday was National Running Day, and even though I usually just swim or walk because of Insanity at night, I decided to run a 5k at lunch.  My thought process was that if my legs were sore, I felt tired, I could always stop.  But guess what?  I felt great! Almost broke 34 minutes – woot!

6.5 002

Of course, I ran while watching The Chew make homemade smores with a peanut butter marshmallow fluff, and then watch Anthony Bordain’s show with Eric Ripert eat the most amazing French food – made the time go by fast though!

6.5 003

Just to show you how hard I was working at my running – my blood sugar was 253 before working out – after?  79!!  The lingering piece of risotto on my cutting board showcases my artistry in my photography – ha!

6.5 006    6.5 007

Okay, this is what happens when you try to do to much in the morning before work, i.e, make lemon poppy seed pancakes, cook chicken for panini, do a load of laundry, download pictures, blog, get ready for work!  Thanks to Carrie, I realized I never posted my stir fry sauce or lunch – ha!  I’ll update it tonight after work.

Evening!  Yep, here is the recipe and my lunch picture.

Homemade Stirfry Sauce

  • 2 servings: 119 calories, 5.2 fat, 1646 sodium (yikes – even with low sodium soy!), 16 carbs, .6 fiber and 3.4 protein


  • 2 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic
  • 1 teaspoon oyster sauce
  • 1 teaspoon fish sauce
  • 1 teaspoon sriracha
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger

I just marinated 8 ounces of chicken breast with this mixture about 30 minutes before cooking.  Add whatever veggies you want – I used bean sprouts, broccoli slaw, zucchini and carrots, and served mine over 1/2 cup of cooked rice.

6.5 020


My MIL taught me how to make risotto (thanks Bonnie!) and ever since she replaced apple with onions when she made the dish for me, I’ve had apple in each risotto I’ve made – it’s a nice sweet balance to the salty Parmesan.  I used my spring time risotto recipe as the base, and then added 1/2 a pound of bay scallops for the 4 servings.

Here’s a tip if you don’t already use soup base.  This jar cost me $3.99, but it makes 91 cups of chicken broth – just mix 1 teaspoon mix to 1 cup hot water for your chicken broth.  This equates to .04 cents a cup of broth, vs. .49 cents per cup when you buy the carton of broth.

6.5 025

I was going to buy regular scallops – but they were not on sale, and at $15 a pound, no thanks.  I actually preferred the bay scallops in this dish!

6.5 027

6.5 028

6.5 002

6.5 006

I will warm you that this is about a 40 minute dish to make, but it’s so worth it!  Believe it or not, this dish is 383 calories!  FYI, 3 ounces of scallops is only 35 calories.

So last night was Day 3 of Insanity.  Day 3 was called Cardio Recovery, so I wasn’t sure what was in store, but my blog friend Kim said that it was one of her favorite workouts of the whole month.

It started out slow, and I was like – sweet, this is going to be great!  Um, no. It was 40 minutes of core strength!  Think holding a pliet (sp?) squat for 2 minutes, then pulse up and down for another minute on top of that.  My legs were shaking!  But I am happy to report that I did complete 95% of Day 3!

I posted this on Instagram – this was me, holding the table top pose and not falling over!  And you get the added bonus of a cleavage shot!  You’re welcome. Open-mouthed smile

6.5 009

I have to tell you though, these last three days I’ve been really hungry at night.  The last couple nights I’ve had some almonds, but that wasn’t enough, so I had a Chobani vanilla yogurt and that helped.

Know what else?  I’ve had no wine (or alcohol for that matter) since Sunday! #winning!  I do plan to have a glass of wine Friday night though. Open-mouthed smile Martini glass  My first WI for the DietBet I am doing is on Saturday.  We’ll see!

Stats for Wednesday:

  • 1607 caloires, 48 cat, 198 carbs, 16 fiber and 88 protein
  • 50% of calories from carbs, 27% from fat and 23% from protein
  • 5k (35:10) at lunch
  • 40 minute Day 3 of Insanity – Cardio Recovery

I have lemon poppy seed pancakes going with Habitall, so I’ll post that recipe tomorrow if it turns out.  I have grilled chicken, goat cheese and roasted red pepper panini’s on the menu for lunch, and company salisbury steak for dinner.

What’s on your menu today?  Make it a great day!