It’s weird but when I go to WW on Sunday and come back home, I am never hungry.  Which is weird because usually I need to eat within 1/2 an hour of waking up.

So when Tony and I ran an errand yesterday, we stopped at Subway.  Tony is a fan of the footlong BMT – he eats half one day and the other half the next day – total deal for $5.  I got the egg white sammie on whole grain oat bread.  So this was my breakfast and lunch – I haven’t looked up the points yet, but my guess is 8.

*Note to self – remember to change back the white balance setting!

I am joining Lori’s Heart Healthy Challenge next week.  My goal is to run 5 miles in 55 minutes.

Helen is the running guru – she once told me to do hills on the treadmill to prepare myself for running outside.  I decided to do the hill climb until I ran a 5k.  I walked the first 5 minutes to warm up.  Wow, was it hard – the last incline was at 11%!  But I told Hannah when the treadmill was at 0% incline, it felt like I was running so fast!

I plan on running the 5 miles at 0% incline though!  Yep Skippy, my cheeks are rosy! šŸ˜€

I made another pot of the best beef stew – you guys really have to make this – the cinnamon brown sugar mixture that you toss the meat in before searing makes this dish.  The only thing I did differently was to use Miller High Life instead of Sam Adam’s.  For some reason my sauce wasn’t as thick this time either, but still delicious!

With a side of toasty bread, dinner comes in at around 12 points.

So Tony and I are on a tight budget, the only room I have control over is the groceries.  I usually spend about $100 a week.  This week?

What’s on the menu?


  • egg, cheese and spinach wonton cups
  • zucchini pancakes with buffalo chicken sausage egg whites
  • breakfast parfait with blueberry sauce and granola
  • bacon spinach egg white omelet with sauteed apples
  • pecan maple scones



  • beef stew
  • whole roasted rosemary lemon chicken
  • chicken and biscuits
  • pork chop milanese with baked potatoes
  • short rib ragu pasta

So not too bad for $83 bucks!

Tony watched America’s Test Kitchen and saw a recipe for cranberry muffins – that’s on my list of things to make today, along with the Indian spiced soup.

What are you cooking up this week?  Enjoy your Sunday!