My secret (or not so secret) dream job would be to own a food truck and be open for breakfast and lunch.  I’d serve all sorts of scones, biscotti, good coffee and delicious egg sandwiches on homemade biscuits.

Lunch would be paninis!  Roast beef and goat cheese with roasted red pepper, BLTs, ham and Swiss cheese with horseradish mustard.  And all my sandwiches of course would be made on homemade bread.

I’ve been toying with the idea forever to make sourdough bread, hands down my favorite kind of bread.  Blog reader and blogger extraordinaire herself, Mel, has cracked the code on making a sourdough starter.   I mentioned it over a month ago that I’ve wanted to try my hand at a start, and turns out she’s already written an article about it.

Click here to get her article and recipe!

So thanks Mel, today is the day I am going to start my starter!  I am sure I’ll have questions along the way – be prepared! Open-mouthed smile

I had a taste for a bagel yesterday, so that’s what I had.  While it was good, I was hungry before noon!  The everything bagel is the best one in my opinion.

friday53 009

I brought my detox water to work – by noon I was more than half way done, and it was finished by 3:00 – I probably drank a total of 3 liters of water yesterday!

friday53 001

In order to get some mileage for my 100 miles in May challenge, I decided to do the bike.  I did 7.19 miles in 30 minutes, and kept the RPM between 95 and 100.  Then I did 5 minutes of abs on the bosu, and 10 minutes of upper body.

friday53 002

I made my buffalo chicken chili for Souper Friday at work – It was a big hit.  I had a whole crock pot full and there was probably 3/4 of a cup left!   I was glad that I portioned mine out and put it in the fridge before going to work out!  This has just enough heat too!

friday53 015

Tony and I talked in the afternoon and he was like “what’s for dinner?”  Here’s the deal.  While you guys know I always want Party Pizza Friday, typically I meal plan on Saturday.  So I am coming up with breakfast ideas for one boss, lunch ideas for my SIL and other boss, and then dinner for us.  After planning out six days of meals, I am literally done with meal planning, so my dinner planning ends on Thursday night.

But, because Tony loves my ass, he suggested we grab a couple beers at our new favorite local place, and order a pizza to take home.  Genius!  The place was packed because it was prom night in our town.  All the kids were out so all the parents went out too I guess?!

friday53 004

We had a slice of their cheese pizza the first time we went a few weeks ago – the owner of the bar was eating some and offered us a taste.  It is really, really good pizza, and you guys know I am kind of an expert when it comes to pizza!  Generous toppings, a nice crust.  We got a meatza – pepperoni, bacon and sausage.

friday53 007

Now I am sure a couple people are going to say stuff like “where is your game face Biz!”  I thought you were back on, with the eye on the prize!  Well, I am, but there are some things I am not taking off the table, and pizza and a couple beers are two of them.  I just can’t do it every day or every week even, but life is to short to cut out delicious pizza! Open-mouthed smile  YOLO!

I plan on taking a long walk in our hilly neighborhood today.  I have my detox water in the fridge ready to go.  I epically fail at drinking water on the weekends, but having the pitcher at the ready will help.

So excited about making the sourdough starter – have any of you tried it (besides Mel!)?   Hope you all have a great weekend – see you on Monday! Open-mouthed smile