Wow.  Just wow.  For your comments yesterday, for the emails to send me Christmas cards and gifts, it’s just so overwhelming!  Who would have thought that writing a blog post about being in a funk, could actually pull me out of it!

Here’s what I did to turn my frown upside down.  I turned on the Christmas music station and listened to that on my way to work.   Then when I got to work, I poured myself a coffee and had some peppermint mocha coffee creamer.

Then I put on a snowman theme screen saver on my computer – this was one of my favorites!


Then I kept Pandora going all day with a mix of Christmas music.  That in and of itself turned my mood completely around.

And then I remembered.  Last year on December 13, Tony was in the hospital with his hernia surgery, which he contracted c-diff and was sick for weeks before we knew what was going on.   Christmas last year was a blur because Tony was sick.  So I am so thankful he’s well this year!!

And when I read what lengths my friend Skippy went trough to attend her husband’s Christmas party.  She’s has congestive heart failure, and this was the first year in six years that she’s actually gone to this party to support her husband, only to have to excuse herself when the entrees were served because she had to lay down in the car, and I am sure spent a few days in bed recovering from attending that party.

And I found out a friend of mine is going through a divorce.  And when I think of all the people who lost everything with Hurricane Sandy, was without power for days on end.  It only made me think . . .  

It’s A Wonderful Life I have!   We are both healthy, our kids are doing great, so I just need to shut the fuck up and appreciate what I have, and I thank you for all of your support helping me get out of my funk.  You guys are the best!  

Breakfast was a breakfast sammie – on the bottom was an ounce of brie, an egg, some ham and a delicious fuji apple on the side.

funk 002

I ended up going to the gym at lunch.  My plan was to do the HIIT app on my phone.  Only one teeny tiny problem.  I brought the wrong pants.  If you are like me, most of your workout pants are black.  I think I have six different pair!  Well I brought my “lounging” workout pants, i.e., the elastic is a little loose, and I started to run and my pants started to fall off!

So I ended up doing 40 minutes of walking at a 15% incline.  No one wants to see my underwear. Open-mouthed smile


When I was picking up stuff for our stir fry the other night, I picked up this package of shredded butternut squash.

funk 004

I ended up adding half of this package to my stir fry and loved it – just a tiny hint of sweetness which was nice with all the sriracha I added to my dish.

funk 006

And I’ve been treated like a queen at home lately – Tony made pasta sauce and we ended up with spaghetti and grilled sausage.  I ate all the sausage, but about 3/4 of the pasta – turns out or dog loves spaghetti!  Thanks Tony, it was delicious!

funk 014

And I stayed off line all last night.  Today is my office luncheon at Weber Grill and I am handling the details.  Last year I realized that if we all ordered dessert, it would add about $60-75 to our total bill.  I suggested I make baked goods to hand out at the end, and that worked out great.

This year I made rice krispie balls dipped in dark chocolate – the peanut topping is Planter’s devil peanuts – nice and spicy!  On the side are almond joy cookies, which turned out really good.  I made 12 boxes like this for a cost of about $20, which included all the ingredients and supplies – not bad!

funk 006

So my Christmas spirit is alive and well!   And for those of you who were in just as much a funk as me?  I decided that every day, let’s leave one comment that we are thankful for just today, to remind us what is really important in life.

Today for me?  Tony is healthy!  I love you Tony!

Okay, now you . . . give me one thing that you are thankful for today!