When I went to bed last night, Tony asked me how I thought my WI would go today and I said “I’ll be happy if I didn’t gain more than 3 pounds.”

Guess what?

I am a loser!  I did have a couple great 5k’s this week – both 35 minutes.  I have a plan this week, and my workout plans – I am going to have a great week!

Here is the picture of my turkey burrito from yesterday – it was so good!  And if you are wondering, that’s hot sauce all over the top, not enchilada sauce. 😀

So I am not sure how many of you have seen the new show on Food Network of the Sandwich King, winner of the next food network star.  Both of the dishes he made were added to my “must make” pile.   First was his take on an Italian Beef with homemade hot giardiniera (making that this week) and the other sandwich he made was a Mortadella and Fig Focaccianini – a cross between a foccacia sandwich and a panini.

You can find both recipes here.  Tony picked up some stuff at the store for me yesterday in anticipation of my sisters birthday party we are hosting tomorrow.  He said “I have a surprise for dinner!”  And while you might be thinking “aw, that’s so sweet that he’s thought and making dinner for Biz!”  Think again – he and I both know he did that so he wouldn’t have to have Party Pizza Friday!

But it didn’t matter that I didn’t get pizza last night.  These grilled sammies were to die for – the creamy fattiness of the mortadella, the sweetness from the fig paste and the saltiness of the butter used on the bread.  Sadly, Tony thought this was a healthy dinner – my guess is that it comes in around 20 pounds, but worth the indulgence.

I loved the salty/sweet combo in this sandwich.  And there is plenty of fig paste left – not sure what I am going to do with it yet though.

Today we are going to a flea market!  Check it out here.  I will probably drive Tony nuts because I like to look and touch EVERYTHING! 😀  Then its prepping for my SIL’s Mexican fiesta birthday party tomorrow.  On the menu:

How does that sound??  I seriously could have Mexican food every day and never get sick of it. 😀  Plus there will be leftovers – I see breakfast burritos in my future next week. 😀

Enjoy your Saturday – we have gorgeous Chicago weather – hope all our East Coast friends will survive hurrican Irene unscathed!