I can’t tell you how happy I am to see some rain – our grass is so dead and crunchy, that we haven’t even mowed it for probably six weeks.  When I left work at 5:00 last night?


My friend and blog reader M.J. was complaining about temps in the low 60’s in her neck of the woods – I told her I would gladly trade places with her (and someday visit!).

I am back to my breakfast parfaits!  This one was fresh pineapple and blueberries. 

5k 002

So I was happy to be able to go to the gym and beat the heat at lunch.  My plan was to swim outside, but apparently there had been an “accident” and the outdoor pool was being closed for cleaning, and there were swim lessons going on in the indoor pool.  Plan B – run!

Not gonna lie, this run was tough.  I kept wanting to stop, which I did a few times, but walked no longer than 2 minutes.  It just amazes me how my stamina ground to a halt the few weeks I skipped working out.

But I did a 5k – in 41:01.  Not going to break any world records any time soon, but I will get there – I am loving how I feel after working out. Open-mouthed smile


They have a restaurant/café in the gym on the lower level.  My boss wanted me to pick her up a sandwich.  While waiting I turned around to see this:


I have never seen a beer cooler in a gym before, but then I have to remember it’s a tennis club – there was a wine cooler next to it. Open-mouthed smile

Lunch was chili mac, although I am not sure I’ll use these noodles again – they kind of sucked up all the liquid – but it was tasty.  I used this recipe.

5k 009

Saturday night when we had Tony’s family over, I was cooking up a storm but I was also sweating up a storm – literally sweat was beading down my back.  I looked at the thermostat and it was 83 degrees in the house.  I quickly put the temp down to 72 to quickly cool it off, but it never got below 80 degrees – my poor nephews girl friend was sweating balls too. Sad smile

Luckily Sunday wasn’t too hot, so we were able to get some nice circulation going, but yesterday was so hot – we got a guy to come look at our condenser (that we just paid $120 last week to fix) and found out that some coupling was broken – so $215 later, I don’t have boob sweat anymore – yeah!

So it was a quick dinner I put together after the AC guy left – can’t go wrong with burgers!  I love these pickles – I normally don’t like sweet pickles, but these have sweet and heat = win.

5k 013

I also found these buns, which are nice and soft and only 170 calories each:

5k 015

My plate:

5k 016

But guess what?  After eating half of the burger, I was stuffed, so the dog got the other half – mustardy bun and all – except I ate all the pickles, I am not stupid. Open-mouthed smile

I did have a few snack crackers later on in the night, but portioned out, so its all good.

Alright I have to scoot – when my Mom was over last week she noticed a mole on my face and was like “when did you get that?”  I said about six months ago, and she said that I should probably get it checked out at a dermatologist office – never been to one of those! 

But after reading about Heather’s trip to the dermatologist last year, its better to be safe than sorry.

Make it a great day!