Thanks to everyone who offered to play Words with Friends!  Right now I have games going on with blog reader Carol and Debbi (check out her baked salsa rice with green chiles, lime and cilantro – yum!).  However, they found me and I have no idea how to “find” you when you gave me your player name – so can you help me figure that out?

So I had the last of my zucchini quiche, but the American cheese layer was so hard to cut into that I ended up just chopping it up and warming it up that way – while it doesn’t look that pretty, the taste was good! Open-mouthed smile

thurs 002

Don’t you love my photography skills of capturing the plastic knife and leaving the paper towel on the side?  I don’t know how I didn’t become a food stylist. Open-mouthed smile

I had errands to run at lunch yesterday – shopping for my works Friday barbecue.  I am making grilled steak fajitas with grilled onions (how nice am I?!!) grilled peppers, homemade refried beans, cilantro lime rice, homemade tortilla chips and two salsas – it’s a new marinade for me with the steak, so I’ll post the recipe tomorrow if it works out.  Tony was nice enough to give me the number of Jimmy John’s in case it sucks. Be right back

I had plans to hit up a Mediterranean restaurant that was near the grocery store I was going to.  I totally had a taste for falafel and hummus.  Sadly, the restaurant was out of business so it was on to Plan B.   Next door was a restaurant called “Chubby’s.”   Um, pretty sure it was restaurants like that, that made me Chubby!

I did good though – I got the Grecian chicken on a pita – asked them not to grill the pita (they usually grill it in oil or butter) and had the tzatziki sauce and dressing on the side.   I threw out the dressing altogether – it was mostly oil with a little bit of seasonings.  I used about 2 tablespoons of the tzatziki, or half the container in this picture.

thurs 006

I had burgers on the menu until Tony told me that he went out to lunch with a co-worker and had a burger.  So I switched it up and made Salisbury steak.  I love this dinner – it literally comes together in about 20 minutes.  I ended up giving 1/4 of this plate to our dog – does he live the life or what?

thurs 012

thurs 013

Guess what?  I even ate a few mushrooms and liked them! Open-mouthed smile

Okay, so I just got into Pinterest yesterday, and I am already addicted!  Holy shizz.  So many recipes, craft ideas – I can already see what a time suck it’s going to be! Open-mouthed smile

Check out what I found – tons of work out videos for free – including 30 Day Shred and Insanity!!

And check out how to make Sharpie coffee mugs – so cute! 

Hannah is in town today to babysit for one of her regular families so we are having dinner out tonight – not sure where we’ll go but I can’t wait to see her face! Open-mouthed smile

And now another poster I found on Pinterest – although I woke up late today – but my goal was 4 times at the gym this week and I still have the weekend – only one more trip and I’ll hit my goal!

just go

Happy Friday – make it a great day!