I have discovered something about myself these last few days with my quest for trying to finally get fit, I’ve decided that I can’t really handle Jillian’s face within five minutes of waking up saying “That’s fear leaving the body!”

So I went on Exercise TV on demand to find something else to do before work.  Only one problem.  All of my exercise programs on demand are gone.  I have AT&T.  I even had Tony look for them last night in case they just moved the line up, and they are no where to be found.

So I went to the menu, searched “stretching” hoping to find some exercises on demand, and stumbled upon Classical Stretch with Miranda.  It just happened to be starting so I gave it a try.

Mind you, this is somewhat of an “old-fashioned” workout.  This woman is probably in her late 50’s, the music is kinda like dentist office music, but guess what?  I loved it!  It was 30 minutes long, it got my heart rate going and more importantly, it really stretched me out.  This may be part of my new morning routine – it was a great way to start the day.  Party smile

While I have praised Helen’s Paleo Breakfast Casserole, when I was cleaning the fridge I realized I had a Chobani that was a couple days past expiration and I didn’t want it to go to waste.

I sauteed 1 apple and 1 small banana with 1/2 teaspoon olive oil and 1 teaspoon of brown sugar for my fruit filling. Then 1/3 cup of my fruit puree granola (check back to that post – I added the nutrition) and apple cinnamon Chobani.   Breakfast comes in at 502 calories, 9 fat, 94 carbs, 8 fiber and 18 protein.

burgers 002

I love how crunchy this granola is. Open-mouthed smile

burgers 005

Check out my new lunch bag.  I had a gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond.  This is what Tosh.O would call “high fashion!”  I just love that it’s deep, insulated and I can stuff a boat load of food in there.  And don’t you love my empty office photo shoot setting?

burgers 006

I had company for my walk at lunch today.  Hannah!  She got to my office around 12:30 and we got our walking shoes on.  We walked for 45 minutes – it was actually hot out – about 79 degrees!

me and hannah

I made my buffalo chicken chili night before last.  Except I failed to follow my own directions.  Usually I brown the ground chicken by itself, but I thought “why can’t I just throw all the ingredients into the pot and let it cook for a couple hours?”  I’ll tell you why.  The ground chicken kind of boiled in the tomato sauce, so the texture wasn’t that great, even though the flavor was.

Tony had a great idea to add some pasta to it – I added about 1.5 cups of tiny pasta shells and let it cook down.  That turned it around!  So I may have added a few slices of fresh jalapenos to mine and I had an ounce of tortilla chips on the side for dipping.  Lunch comes in at 533 calories, 20 fat, 64 carbs, 5 fiber and 23 protein.

burgers 010

When I got home, I snuck in Jillian’s 30 day shred.  I was wide awake by then to kick Jillian’s ass! Open-mouthed smile

For some reason I have all warm/comfort foods on our weekly menu.  Since it was so warm out, we weren’t feeling anything I had on the menu just yet, so I ended up making burgers.  But I made myself a burger salad.  My 5 ounce 90% lean burger, over mixed greens, cucumber, carrots, red pepper, pickled jalapeno and celery.  My dressing was 1 tablespoon of light ranch with 1 tablespoon Frank’s hot sauce.  The top of my burger?  A 35 calorie wedge of light blue cheese Laughing Cow.  Dinner comes in at 423 calories, 14 fat, 32 carbs, 8.4 fiber and 40 protein.

burgers 014

burgers 016

That salad was a winner.  I loved all the spicy bites because of the Frank’s hot sauce.

Stats for Day 3 of 30 Operation Bad-Ass

  • 30 minutes classical stretch
  • 5 minutes abs (holding a side plank for 30 seconds a side for 5 minutes – not easy!)
  • 45 minute walk at lunch
  • 30 day shred before dinner
  • 1458 calories, 43 fat, 191 carbs, 21 fiber and 82 protein
  • 27% of calories from fat
  • No wine! Martini glass

Can I just say I am glad that Wednesday is my rest day?!  Alright, off to put my food together and get in the shower.

How are your goals going so far this April?  Make it a great day!

p.s.  I promise to post the White Bean and Bacon Soup recipe tomorrow! 😀