I had lunch with a lovely woman from Instagram.  She follows me and lives in Arizona but was visiting her son and his family and wanted to meet up – if my schedule allows, I almost always say yes!

We went to The Dearborn, which has one of my top 5 burgers in the city.  Isn’t that burger glorious?!   But I didn’t get that – that was a photo from a previous visit. 

I didn’t realize they had mussels on their menu – these are pan fried mussels in an Indian curry sauce and it’s stunning – I could literally take a bath in that broth.  I had crunchy bread for dipping.  So good!

I never used to like brussels sprouts, but now I love them!  I know my Mother in Law would be so happy to hear that 😀  These are crispy sprouts with Parmesan cheese in a champagne vinaigrette with pepitas.  So good.

I thought I took a picture of Dawn’s shrimp and grits, but she had never had grits before and loved them.  Thanks again for meeting me Dawn!

I must have been having burger envy because I felt like a burger for dinner last night.  This one is a bit healthier than the one above though.  I used a tablespoon of this Alouette cheddar to make a mini juicy lucy – delish!

This really isn’t much of a recipe – I took 4 ounces of ground sirloin and divided it and half.  Placed the cheese on one side, put the other patty on top, and pinched the sides to keep the cheese in.

I had a baked potato in the fridge so I cut it into steak fries and put them in the air fryer for about 7 minutes, and then threw in some of the leftover sprouts from lunch the last two minutes.

Oh, and did I mention that I seasoned my burger with Dak’s steakhouse seasoning?!  I am not sure I’ve talked about my love of mustard seeds for a few days.  Don’t forget you can get 10% off your Dak’s order by using the discount code of Bizzy10.  

This was a 9 point dinner and super filling.  

Two more workdays until the weekend – we can make it!  Happy Thursday, make it a great day!