How the fuck did we get to be 44 years old?  Sorry Mom and MIL for the foul language, but that age seems a bit surreal to me.  That means we are middle aged.  But how can that be when I still feel like I am 29? šŸ˜€

I am posting some pictures many of you have seen before, but new readers may not have seen.  We came into this world as tiny aliens.

Thankfully our parents didn’t give us matching names or make us wear the same clothes.  Well, maybe sometimes about the clothes, but that was mostly from relatives who felt they had to give us exactly the same thing until about the age of 20!

We rocked our 80’s glasses and button earrings like no other!

And before we knew it, we were graduating high school!

And in what seems to be in the blink of an eye, we have kids that age:

Jennifer’s son Mark, my daughter Hannah, Jenn’s son Paul:

And Jenn’s daughter Claire:

It’s just weird that we are grown-ups. šŸ˜€

Jenn, here is our inspirational picture.  This was taken in May of 2000.  One year after we started WW and had both lost about 70 pounds – I am next to my brother Charlie (either I am wearing a very shitty bra, or no bra at all!) and Jenn’s rockin the jeans overalls next to our Momma.  I probably weigh about 140 and Jenn’s probably 135.

Here’s the kicker though – last year, on my birthday, I weighed 164.6.

This past weekend I weighed in at:

So after all the miles and sweat in 365 days, I have theorhetically lost .6 pounds.  And I know why.  Somehow on the days I exercise I tell myself “you can have a little more because you worked out today!”  And I hardly ever count the wine for calories – you know, because liquid calories don’t count!  No more.  I need to get my butt in gear people.  Well, after today because calories don’t count on your birthday!

My bosses are taking me out to lunch today, we are having grilled marinated flank steak and then Tony is making his famous fried rice.  Then Hannah and I are going to Yumz for dessert.  I swear I will be in boot camp mode starting tomorrow!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN!   You are so old! šŸ˜€