So I mentioned yesterday that Tony had a doctors appointment with his GP in yesterdays post.  We appreciated all your well wishes by the way!

I asked him if he wanted me to go with him, and he said “no, you have to work, I can do it.”

So I slept like the dead while he had another rough night.  Of course, I didn’t know this until I got to work and the more I thought about it, the more I realized there was no way Tony would be able to get there on his own.

For the last month he’s had hardly any appetite.  In fact, since the date of his December 12 hernia surgery, he’s lost 31 pounds.  I don’t need to go into any details, but let’s just say he’s made a lot of trips to the bathroom, and sometimes without warning.  And he has zero energy, and can pretty much fall asleep any time during the day, but be up all night with insomnia and bathroom issues.

When we saw his surgeon last week, I went with because I thought his incision site from his surgery seemed infected, and there was an area that was super tender around the incision site that we were concerned about.

The surgeon gave us flying colors – said that it was a big surgery, it would just take time to heal, but if we had any concerns about anything else, we could make an appointment with our GP.

So since Tony hadn’t left our house since our last doctor appointment, has difficulty standing up without being light headed, as I was filing at my desk when a light bulb went off in my head and was like “how the fuck did I think he could get there on his own?!”

So I quickly texted him to tell him I was going to scoop him up on my way home from work.  I had every intention of taking a long lunch and then going back to work.  When I walked in the door, he was in his favorite chair, head down, asleep.  I woke him up, got him in the car, and he fell asleep on the way to the doctors office. šŸ™

We go in – see the doctor, bring him up to speed on his hernia surgery since its the first time he’s since him since then.  He says “as a precaution, why don’t you come in tomorrow and we’ll do an ultrasound and some blood work to rule some stuff out.”  It wasn’t until the end of the appointment that the nurse came in and said “I forgot to take your temperature!”

So a few seconds later she’s was like “it’s almost 101.  The doctor will probably want to know this.”  And a few minutes later the doctor looked at me and said “Biz, can you take him to the hospital?  They know he’s coming I want him to have the ultrasound and blood work stat.”  Shit.

So being the nice husband he is, told me to stop by the house and fix something to eat before heading for the outpatient pavilion for the tests.  We get him registered, blood work done, then onto the ultrasound.  I am not going to lie that I thought that the ultrasound would show some sort of abscess that may have become infected.

When he came out 20 minutes later he said “they didn’t see a thing – sweet!”  I was told to call our GP around 4:30 to get the results of the blood test.  Unfortunately, our phone rang at 4:00 p.m., it was the doctor who said that the ultrasound was negative for an abscess, unfortunately his blood work was “not optomistic.”

I heard words like “possible gastrointestinal infection, abnormal electrolye level, poor liver function, high bllod sugar, high uric acide and kidney function at 50%.  Well shit, no wonder he hasn’t felt well these last six weeks!  Here we thought it was just the surgery recovery, but there seem to be a lot of underlying factors that are the cause of him not being well.

Our only saving grace?  They gave him the biggest hospital room in the whole place!  He was sleeping in between blood draws.  And this picture was taken from my blackberry in very low light.

 What you don’t see behind me is a personal computer station and a giant bathroom.  At least he won’t have a roommate snoring all night.

So tomorrow?  Guess who’s coming for breakfast:

  • infections disease doctor
  • kidney specialist
  • heart doctor (from his heart valve replacement)
  • autoimmune specialist (for his bouts with chronic gout)
  • and a hospital specialist – who will liason with our GP

Crazy shit.  And for some reason God didn’t hear my 2012 resolution of no hospital stays in 2012!

So that’s why you’ll have to wait for the recipe for this brown rice crusted zucchini and ham quiche – I thought it was great, my boss said it had too many textures.  I just think it looks pretty.

Your continued well wishes and support are wonderful – keep em coming!  It’s gonna be a long day today. šŸ™

p.s.  Thanks to Hannah for her excellent cleaning skillz – she deep cleaned my kitchen while I was with Tony – love her! šŸ˜€