Yesterday was the perfect day to work out in our yard – about 50 degrees, partly sunny at times.  Our dog Ed loves to be outside, but he shakes like a leaf every time Tony gets close with the mower!

I think we probably emptied the lawn mower bags a dozen times:

Our fire pit is getting big – you probably can’t tell, but this is about as tall as I am – we need a calm night though before we can have a bon fire.

We probably spent about an hour and a half raking, picking up sticks, etc.  The lawn looked so pretty when we were done.

I usually eat within a half hour of waking up, but I wasn’t hungry at all yesterday morning, just had a couple cups of coffee.  By the time we finished the lawn it was 12:45.  I went to our local beef stand and brought home hot dogs for Tony and I got a grilled chicken pita with lettuce and cucumbers.  Um, yes, there may be a few onion rings on my plate.  I know, Tony and I both hate onions but we love onion rings!

Lunch comes in at 10 WW points – I ate everything I was so hungry!  I didn’t do my full grocery shop yet, but had to hit up Sam’s Club for a few things and picked up an applewood smoked bacon pork roast.  I ended up cutting it in half and freezing the other half for a later time – I baked small potatoes on the side.  I love how juicy the meat turned out, and I actually like the burnt ends šŸ˜€

So it’s time for our weekly holiday challenge update!  I didn’t get nearly enough exercise in so I plan to get to the gym before work, otherwise it never gets done.  While I haven’t thrown the Paleo diet in the trash, I am going to modify it a bit this week by adding some beans for protein, going to stay away from bread and dairy and try to get through Thanksgiving week with a loss on the scale. šŸ˜€

I haven’t weighed myself all week, so tomorrow will be the Zero Scale Weigh In.  Wish me luck!

Have a great day!