Happy Sunday everyone!  Hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far.  It’s a rest day exercise wise for me, but I do plan on taking advantage of our 60 degree weather today and take a long walk.  šŸ˜€  I am definitely starting to feel sore from the strength training, which is a good thing!

I did lat pulls at 40 pounds yesterday, lunges (which I hate – Lori, I did reverse lunges which helped a lot!), and side planks on an incline holding a 10 pound weight.  Then I did my 1:3:1 technique on the treadmill – walk for 1 minute, run for 3 then sprint for 1 minute.  I did that for 40 minutes and I was spent afterwards.  These 55 minute workouts are really tough, but in a good way!

So Tony and I had a $20 gift certificate to Nozumi in South Barrington’s Arboretum Mall.  Mara, when we get together we should definitely go here – I’ve been here now half a dozen times and I’ve never not liked anything I’ve ordered.

I almost always look up the menu before going to restaurants so I am not tempted by the menu when I sit down and change my mind.  Online they had an appetizers of mussels in a lemongrass broth and a beef and asparagus carpacchio (sp?).  Sadly, when we got there, the menu had changed so I had to think quick on my feet.

I ended up picking the short rib lettuce wrap as my appetizer.  Holy shizz, this was delicious.  The short rib was so flavorful and tender, the the extra crunch from the julienned white radish on top.  Winning!

While Tony enjoyed his sushi:

I ordered the Wagyu Teriyaki Burger, but I asked for no cheese (no onion!) and subbed in steamed veggies in place of the fries.

I of course ditched the bun.  Since there was so much lettuce, I made tiny lettuce wraps using Tony’s ginger and wasabi – the meat was so flavorful and tender.  Definitely going to try to make ginger wasabi sliders some time this week – check out how perfectly this was cooked!

So how are my 2011 Holiday Challengers doing?  I know Christina is down 6 pounds in anticipation of her wedding next month!  Aimee is running a half marathon today!  Pam has lost 16.5 pounds so far on my challenge – way to go Pam!

Tomorrow is my official WI on the Zero Scale.  I lost 1.6 according to my WW WI yesterday this week.  And I did declare Saturday wine Saturday and enjoyed a few glasses of wine throughout the evening.  I decided life is too short not to have wine once a week!

My sister will be picking a winner for BSI cranberry sometime today.  Thanks for hosting this week Jenn!

I have some new items on the menu this week:  bacon and dried cranberry “biscuits,” butternut squash soup with ginger shrimp, multi-colored red pepper soup with cilantro meatballs, pork and pumpkin chili and a crustless bacon and broccoli quiche.  What’s new on your menu this week?

Have a great Sunday!  Make it a great day!