I am usually a fly by the seat of my pants, water off a ducks back kinda person.  Two of my bosses were going to be out yesterday, and I had my whole day planned, figured out what projects I would complete and get off my desk.  Um, didn’t happen – blackberry’s weren’t working, software wasn’t installed on some computers – it was crazy busy!

By the time I had breakfast it was 10:00 a.m.!  Two mini Arnold thin sammies with egg/salami and cheese – 10 PointsPlus for both.

Hannah didn’t have work or school yesterday, so we decided to have lunch together.  We were going to go to The Lucky Monk for their awesome spinach and parmesan pizza, until Tony reminded me of Nozumi – and we made a quick change of plans.

So happy Tony made the suggestion – they have the BEST calamari I’ve ever had – tender, slightly breaded and paired with the wasabi vinegar slaw and spicy mustard sauce, it is just an explosion of flavors.

We then each got a bento box – mine was spicy chicken.  I ate all the chicken because it was grilled, ate a tempura shrimp, 2 tempura veggies, the salad and a couple bites of rice, my estimate is that lunch comes in around 16 points.

I was so full from lunch I didn’t eat dinner when I got home.  Hannah and I went to the gym.  I watched Biggest Loser on Tuesday.  One of the contestants, Vinny, was on the treadmill.

Bob asked him what the fastest he ran on the treadmill and he said “6.0 mph.”  Well, over the course of several 15 second sprints, Bob got him up to 10 mph!  That’s the equivalent to a six minute mile pace.  He’s 372 pounds!  That got me thinking, if he can sprint at a six minute mile pace for 15 seconds, I could at least try to do 30 seconds.

Um, guess who did it for 1 minute?


Half way through I thought I heard Hannah say “do you want me to start filming?” and that’s when I said “are you filming??!!”  Ha!

It really is mind over matter – I think that I keep telling myself that I can’t, when my body is trying to tell me that I can. šŸ˜€  Like Helen, I keep thinking “I wonder how much faster I can go when I am 30 pounds lighter?”  Did you read her last blog post?  Go check it out – very inspiring!

I have an interesting opportunity coming up – I’ve been offered a personal trainer for six weeks beginning November 7 through December 19.  More details will be coming, but mixed with WW, I think this is just the thing I need to get through the holidays this year – and get me to 150 pounds when I begin 2012.  šŸ˜€

You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be. – David Viscott

That’s the plan!  How are you going to push yourself today?

Stats for Wednesday:

  • 36 points
  • 45 minute jog (includes 1 minute at 10 mph!)
  • average blood sugar 122

Make it a great day!