When I woke up this morning I felt thinner – I know it’s weird, but you know there are some days you feel heavier than others.  I had great expectations today, even with my 2 pound loss last week, I was expecting at least a pound loss.

I biked/walked/jogged 31 miles last week, did good on counting points, had some wine, but I used my activity points for that.  So imagine my surprise:

Gaining 4.2 in a week makes no sense to me – that’s 14,000 calories people!  I’d have to eat four large pizzas by myself to consume that many extra calories.

So while I am disappointed, I am not going to let the scale get the better of me.  I am going REALLY back to basics, making sure I get all the healthy guidelines in this week, more fruit and veggies.  I can only look forward, right?!

Tony and I are going to see Bucky Larson today – the trailer kills!


And thanks to Katie for my Loot – I won a giveaway from her blog – a $20 amazon gift card which I used to buy a yoga mat, and then a Biggest Loser fitness program and water enhancer – thanks Katie!

Have a great Saturday!