to hot sauce.  I know, doesn’t this come to you as a complete surprise?!  Melanie wondered what kinds of hot sauce I have in the house.  I thought I had 27 bottles, turns out I have 21 at home and 6 at my office.  I may or may not have a tiny bottle of Tabasco in my purse for emergencies!  (Melanie – you asked for it!)

hot sauce 018

But not all hot sauces are created equal.  They have to be FLAVORFUL hot sauces.  I don’t want stuff to be hot for the sake of being hot, it has to enhance what I am eating.  Sriracha is my go to for any dish in the Asian family – Thai soups, fried rice, etc.  Buffalo Tabasco has now just about superseded any other hot sauce as my go to, but I still reach for the others for tacos and pizza.

One I cannot ever try again, but I can’t seem to get myself to throw it out, is this one:

hot sauce 019

The Naga Jolokia pepper is the hottest pepper in the world:

Recognized as the world’s hottest pepper by Guinness Book of World Records in 2007, the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) measured at over ONE MILLION Scoville heat units. Nearly nearly twice as hot as the famous Red Savina. Hotter than you can imagine. Proceed with caution.

Sadly, when I got this I did not proceed with caution and doused whatever it was I was eating, and immediately regretted the decision.  My eyes started to water, my nose ran, my face got hot – I think I drank about 3 glasses of milk before I even STARTED to get relief.   I like hot, but that’s too hot!

I made another potato crusted quiche, although this time I subbed in 2 ounces of tomato basil gouda on top – delicious!  Unphotographed was a container of Chobani peach.

hot sauce 002

Since I got my boss hooked on panini’s, yesterday we had roast beef and brie panini’s.  Rhonda, check out my score at the discount cheese bin!

hot sauce 004

hot sauce 008

hot sauce 010

I had herbed mustard on mine – holy shizz this was a great sandwich! Next time though, I’ll cut my bread a bit smaller – this was 2.5 ounces of bread, but less bread would have made the filling shine.

Another score at the discount meat bin!

hot sauce 012

It was 50% off the lowest price, so I got this package of 1.28 pounds of filet mignon for only $8.30.  Last night we split one, and I easily have leftovers to have with my breakfast this morning, and we’ll split the other one at a later time.

My method for rare steak?  2x2x2x2.  Two minute a side in one direction, then flip in the other direction for 2 minutes a side – check out my grill marks.  I am kind of like a professional when it comes to grill marks. Open-mouthed smile

hot sauce 030

hot sauce 032

My brother and sister probably threw up in their mouths at how rare this is, but it was delish.  And guess what?  I am starting to like mushrooms!

Can you help a sista out?  Erica and a friend of hers are running a race to raise money for the Special Olympics.  What makes this race different is that they are running in their wedding dresses!


Go here if you can spare some change – they are trying to raise $1,000 and they are just under $300 at this point.

We ended up getting maybe three inches of snow last night?

hot sauce 002

We may still get some more this morning, but it’s not too bad.  Just a little exercise shoveling to get to our cars and brushing them off.  I ended up taking a rest day yesterday and it was a great decision.  I plan on doing another “100” workout of some kind today, haven’t decided which one yet.

My vegetarian chili and jalapeno corn bread turned out so good for my Souper Friday lunch today at work.  I’ll be posting both recipes tomorrow.  And Tony – it’s Lent and it’s Friday – NO MEAT FOR YOU!  (um, he may never remember).  You should try out the Arby’s fish sandwich!

Question of the Day:  Do you love hot sauce?

Make it a great day!