Yep, it’s taken 25 years, but they have finally caught me.  I’ve never even received a notice to be a juror until a few weeks ago.  I had to fill out a questionnaire and send it back.  I didn’t think anything of it until I got that in the mail.  It is to be a juror on a “petit” trial, which could last up to a week!

They probably saw that I was a legal secretary and wanted my legal opinions. šŸ˜€  Hopefully I get excused the first day – my new job is too busy to be out that long.

Tony gave me the idea for breakfast – I used some of the smoked beef from the other night and made a beef hash with a fried egg on top – I haven’t figured out my points for yesterday yet, buy my guess is breakfast is around 10 points.

I got in another walk at lunch – walking has been my only exercise this week – it will be intersting to see how my weigh in is tomorrow.  For lunch – more beef leftovers!  This time in the form of a wrap – its 3 ounces of sliced beef, lettuce, 1/2 ounce of cheese and a good tablespoon of tzatziki sauce.  With strawberries on the side – my guess is lunch is 8 points.

When I got home it was pizza time!  I asked Hannah to turn the oven to 500 and put the baking stone in the oven, as well as take out the pizza dough that had now been in my fridge for 48 hours.  It had to come to room temperature before cooking.

When I walked in the door, I saw smoke – meaning its time to clean out my oven!  I actually have a clean cycle on my oven and I think I’ve used it twice?  Anyway, I don’t see the dough – I ask Hannah where it is and she’s like “its on the counter.”  Um, she took out the leftover gnocchi dough from the other night -my dough was still in the fridge.  It maybe sat out for about 15 minutes before I had to get moving.

Since my commute is longer, I sometimes don’t get home until six – I was surprised that the dough hardly rose at all.

I went ahead and rolled it out – Hannah and I had a sausage, pepperoni, green pepper, tiny diced mushroom and spinach pizza.

The crust was gross – had no texture at all – slightly chewy.  I was mad.  I love pizza.  I could have it every day and never get sick of it.  It’s been about TWO WEEKS since I had any, and upon first bite, declared this pizza an epic fail.  But, because I have a loving family both Tony and Hannah were like “its not that bad!”  Hannah even said that she really liked it – but I love you Hannah, but you think Domino’s pizza is delicious! šŸ˜€  Back to the drawing board on that one – all I know is that whole wheat flour will never been in my pizza dough again.

Then Hannah and I were off to Goodwill!  It had rained during dinner, but the drive over was pretty.

I found a couple pairs of pants, a new purse and some brand new slip on shoes – I’ll do a fashion show in tomorrows WI post. šŸ˜€  But this is quite possibly the worst t-shirt I’ve ever seen.

the “woman” looks like a hairy gorilla!

 We stopped at DQ on the way home – I bought a box of these – they are quite big and 190 calories each – again, I haven’t figured out the points, but I think it will be around 5?

This week went by really fast for me!  Happy its Friday. šŸ˜€  Off to get ready for work – have a great day!

Question of the Day:  Have you ever actually been a juror on a trial before?  Tony has!