I got home from the hospital last night and I just was drained.  It’s hard to believe how not doing much can be so tiring!  Some days I’ve gotten up at 6:00 a.m., gone swimming, then to work, then worked out at lunch, work some more and then come home and make dinner, and I am more tired today than that type of day.

Tony is doing well – the first day out of post-op is the toughest.  We are out of the ICU.  He had an awful roommate the night before.  He was a diabetic, couldn’t feel his feet.  When the nurse took his blood sugar she said “it’s 280 so I need to give you some insulin” and he was like “that’s a low number for me.”  What??!!

But the good news is Tony has a private room that actually has some space so I don’t feel like I am right on top of him.  He slept in and out most of the say yesterday.  His heart doctor, surgeon and GP all came by and said he’s doing great – wonderful news!

I am taking one more day off of work to be with him.  Please know how much I appreciate all your kind comments and emails – its really helped me more than you’ll ever know!

We are supposed to have record temps today – almost to 60 degrees!  Hopefully all this dirty snow will melt 😀

Have a great day and thanks again! 😀