We had to check Tony into the hospital around 9:00 yesterday morning.  Tony suggested we get McDonald’s on the way, as we were pretty sure he was going to be on a clear liquid diet relatively soon.  I was a good girl and ordered the oatmeal 😀

We were a direct admit, so we got to his room alright.  And then we waited.  And waited.  And waited.   One thing about hospitals is that time seems to stand still.  So we had to amuse ourselves!

Tony’s face upon hearing that he was going to have two enemas later in the day:

Tony’s face when Price of Right came on!

Tony wearing my scarf 😀

And then I went to the bathroom and came back to this:

Right outside of his room was a cart full of books that you could borrow.  Almost all romance novels – I did pick this one out to read and could only read about 10 pages before I felt I would lose more brain cells if I continued reading it:

and what's with the cover?!

Around 12:30 I went down to the cafeteria.  I knew they had fresh fruit and a somewhat decent salad bar – imagine my surprise when they had WW entrees – and WW side dishes that had the point values!

although I did not get the tilapia - its a stinky fish to me

My plate: 2 chicken tenders, a small container of bbq sauce, 0 point steamed cauliflower and 0 point steamed green beans that I sprinkled with Tabasco.  My guess is lunch comes in at 10 points.

I am the worst when it comes to just sitting – I can’t do it.  And I want to do everything for Tony.

“do you need help to the bathroom?”  “are you chilly?” “do you need more water?”  “do you need me to unplug your IV?”

I must drive him absolutely insane. 🙁  About mid afternoon was when he started to have to take something called “Go Lightly” but you go anything but lightly!  It should be called “Go Fast and Furious.”  He had to drink 4 liters of this stuff to clean him out completely.   And the stuff tastes awful.

At one point, we finally found out what his blood level was and it had to be below 2.0 for him to get blood thinner medication through his IV.  His was still 2.4 – and we for a while thought they may postpone the surgery until that number came down.  Thankfully, the surgeon said worse case scenario he would just give him a blood transfusion.  I know Tony just wants that tumor cut out of him more than anything, and if he would have had to spend two more days in the hospital it would have driven him crazy.

Here is the view outside Tony’s window – it was 45 degrees so all the snow is melting!

I went down to get dinner – a cup of chili with a side salad – my guess is about 7 points – I only ate about 3 bites of the salad – it was a bit too green for me!

I left Tony around 8:00, because the nurses shifts were changing and they were going to be doing a bunch of pre-op stuff.  It was funny because when the first nurse came in with her computer and said she needed to do a history on him, Tony started saying “I am a Virgo, a love walks on the beach and I hate jealous people.”   So far everyone we’ve dealt with has a sense of humor!

And then I drove home to an empty house.  Which is weird.  I am never alone – even with our small household of three, either Tony or Hannah are home.  When I turned on the kitchen light I found this:

on the inside it continued . . . "because you are in my World."

Not gonna lie it brought tears to my eyes!  And then these:

daisies are my favorite flowers 😀

And this:

How did Tony know I love soup?! 😀

Thanks so much for all your continued comments, cards and emails – it’s really helping us get through this!

Hannah and I are off to the hospital to see Tony before his surgery.  His sister will be there, and my Mom is driving out for moral support as well.  They say the surgery lasts anywhere between 3 and 4 hours – so I don’t expect to see him awake again until the early afternoon.   He said he just wants to see my face when he wakes up and then he knows all is well!