and I haven’t finished cleaning my basement yet!  I am surprised at how fast this week is going by without me being at work.

I had the idea of making stuffed peppers for breakfast.  It’s weird that I have all this time but don’t really feel like making anything!  But after the first bite, I could only scoop out the inside – the peppers were too hot for me – poblano peppers are not supposed to be that hot!

I was going to add black beans to my eggs, but I didn’t have any.  I saw a can of hominy and thought, why not add 1/2 a cup?  I loved it!

353 calories, 13 carbs, 21 protein, 24 fat and 2.1 fiber

Have you seen the show Brew Masters on Discovery?  It’s about how a micro brew company works and it was really interesting to watch.  Not sure if they feature new breweries ever week, but the episode we saw was Dogfish Head.  We went to the liquor store to buy wine for Thanksgiving and found it.  But I can’t seem to get myself to spend $9.99 for a six pack!

Or spending $21.99 for a four pack!

I decided to have the rest of my chili for lunch.  I discovered that corn tortillas have no gluten!  So I cut up two – and baked them for 12 minutes at 350, then sprinkled them with a bit of salt.  Perfect dippers for chili 😀

488 calories, 61 carbs, 25 protein, 15 fat and 9 fiber

I waited until Hannah got home from work to see if she wanted to walk with me.  We did a big loop around our neighborhood – I need to see how far it actually was, but it took us 50 minutes to walk/jog the route.  It was fricken cold though!

And then whenever our dog sees I have shoes on, he thinks he’s going on a walk, so I took him to the river.   Isn’t this a pretty picture:

It’s hard to believe my ears were almost frost bitten while taking this picture.  Pretty soon the river will be frozen over – it looks so pretty but it scares me to death when I see snow mobiles driving on top of it.

We were going to go see a movie last night, but the times didn’t work out.  Have you seen Social Network yet?  We are going to grab a bite to eat and then see it this afternoon.  I have a $50 AMC gift card that I won for my Halloween costume – nice! 😀

I had a steak I needed to cook up, and made parmesan zucchini on this side.  I just wish my grill pan didn’t smoke up the house so much when I use it!

gots to show off my grill marks 😀

The steak was perfectly cooked too:

436 calories, 5.2 carbs, 54 protein, 21 fat and 1.4 fiber

I will be in the kitchen later today though!  I have a pecan and sugar free apple pie to make, and some rosemary bread.  We decided to just do ham this year.  I think it will be kind of weird not to have turkey, but there is only 4 of us for Thanksgiving.

Stats for Tuesday:

  • 1277 calories, 79 carbs, 100 protein, 61 fat and 12.5 fiber
  • 42% of calories from fat
  • 50 minute walk/jog with Hannah
  • 15 minute walk with the dog

Do you have turkey every year for Thanksgiving? Any unusual items at your Thanksgiving table?  One year I went to my brother’s wifes step-dads for Thanksgiving.   While he was a great cook – Charlie and I hated just about everything he served –

  • oyster stuffing (yuck)
  • creamed corn (double yuck)
  • stuffing that was chock full of onions and mushrooms (triple yuck)
  • a jello mold that had nuts and cream cheese in it (just wrong on so many levels)
  • yams with marshmallows on top (ick!)

We both put white turkey meat on our plates and were like “guess we aren’t going to overeat this Thanksgiving!

Have a great day! 😀