Can you tell I am just a bit excited about this being my last day of work until November 29?!  Hannah and I have plans for a couple chick flicks, and Tony and I are going to use a gift card we have so he can get oysters on the half shell.  Eww – I think they are slimy, but he absolutely loves them.  Do you like oysters?

I had a great idea for breakfast.  I bought Van’s gluten free waffles because they were in the 50% off bin – I’ll pay $2 for a box of waffles, but not $4!  I put Pam fried Canadian bacon on top, then a Pam fried egg with some cheese and diced sweet red peppers.  It looked so good!

Until I cut into it.  Now Sophia would be all over this:

I don’t do runny eggs.  At all.  I ended up throwing this out – but when I told Tony later in the day about it, he was like “why didn’t you just throw it in the microwave?”  Duh!  Never thought of it.

So I had a piece of banana bread that a co-worker brought in.  And while I knew this was high in carbs, I needed to eat something because I was working out at lunch.  So even though I thought I was giving myself enough insulin to cover the bread, my blood sugar before working out was 308!  Shiz.  But after my 45 minute treadmill, walk/jog/run, it was down to 140.  Whew.

Lunch was leftover pork black bean tacos.  I drizzled a bit of the Wholly Guacamole queso blanco over the top – its nice and spicy 😀

Thanks to Helen she reminded me about Dreamfield’s Pasta.

The package says a serving is 41 carbs, but only 5 count.  I was trying to tell Tony this was healthy pasta to eat, but he still wouldn’t eat it.  His argument is 41 carbs is still 41 carbs.  So I took insulin as if I were eating 41 carbs.  Later on after dinner, I could feel the sweat start to form on top of my head, and when I tested my blood sugar, it was 41 and dropping quick.

I was looking for candy, cookies – we had nothing!  Tony suggested an apple, which I started to cut into, but because my hands were shaking I sliced open my thumb.  So I was standing at my kitchen counter, shoving an apple down my mouth while the blood was pouring out of my thumb – it wasn’t pretty people!   But 15 minutes later, all was well.  I wish I could describe what low blood sugar feels like – its not pleasant I can tell you that!

I made chili mac to go with our Dreamfield’s pasta – my award winning Buffalo Chicken Chili. I can say that because one of my sisters co-workers entered it in a chili cookoff and won out of 20 entries!

<3 Frank's 😀
Mmmm....chili mac

I may have added a scootch more Frank’s to my individual bowl:

I will definitely try their other pastas – I loved both the taste and texture.  I am going to link this up to Christina’s Friday Firsts – first time using Dreamfields pasta.

Hot 100 Update

I had a good week.  I still need to find a reliable calorie site and plan on taking all of your suggestions into account over the weekend and see which one I like best.  Spark people seems to be very popular!  I worked out every day except for Wednesday because of work.  I plan on working out a lot over my break since I’ll have the extra time.  While its going to be in the 60’s over the weekend, its back to November Chicago reality with highs only in the low 40’s.   Ick.

Happy Friday – make it a great day!