Tony and I love getting in the car, driving in a direction, and just seeing where we end up for lunch.  Some times its a hit, and sometimes its a dud – yesterday was a hit!

But first, I made Artisan bread bagels!  I had leftover dough on my counter.  I added a bit more flour, then divided the dough into six bagels.  I boiled water and added 1/4 cup of sugar and a tablespoon of baking soda to the water.

Boil each side for 2 minutes, and then baked them at 450 degrees for 30 minutes.  I also did the same technique of having the broiler pan filled with 1 cup of water to steam the bagels as they cooked.  Delicious!

shaped the dough
boiled, then Hannah thought it was a good idea to add cheese - great idea Hanners!
So fricken good!

I told Tony I made bagels and asked him if he wanted one.  He said yes – I brought it to him and he’s like “it tastes just like the bread you make.”  I told him it was the same dough, just shaped into a bagel – then he called me Mike Brady from the Brady Bunch – the reference being that all of Mike Brady designed basically every house to look like the house they lived in – I’ve made the Artisan bread into pizza dough, herbed bread, dinner rolls – and now bagels – I think they all taste different 😀

I had an egg sammie for breakfast:

So Tony and I headed towards Schaumburg.  He saw a grocery store he knew I would like – reason number 1,992 that I love him!

I wish Sophia were with me to explain what everything was!  I ended up with some good loot:

Hannah and I were going to go to a pumpkin patch today and out to lunch, but she had to take another shift at work today for a co-worker who couldn’t work today.  So we are going to have a Mom/Daughter dinner tonight – I plan on making tempura veggies and stir fry for us and we are going to rent a movie. 😀

Then it was on to lunch!  We saw this place and decided to give it a try.

Again, I wished Sophia were with us – we had no idea what to do, and the hostess didn’t speak much English.  We finally figured out that we could choose the grill menu, or have the kitchen prepare an individual meal.

Once we saw this though – the decision was made!

For $22 bucks each, we could choose as many different meats as we wanted – which I thought was not only a great deal, but a great way to try different things. We looked at each other and were like “do we just get meat?”  Hell no!  We were brought bowl after bowl of side dishes, we both got miso soup and a bowl of rice – so much food!

we did not get the beef intestines though!
they first lit our grill - it was in the center of the table

They also had a vegetable bar, I got zucchini, mushrooms and green peppers – Tony did the cooking – the meat was so flavorful!

we grilled two to see how hot it was cooking
Tony put the veggies on the bottom and put the meat on top - so delicious!

I tried kimchi for the first time – loved how spicy it was!   And another favorite side was this tofu salad – it almost had a pickled flavor.

Tony got a mix of beef and squid - he actually took the squid out and grilled it

I wanted to be brave so I tried the squid:

I took one bite and immediately spit it out - the texture is so gross!
so many plates!

Needless to say, this was our linner – we didn’t even want to think of food after leaving – we will definitely be going back there – I think it was a great deal for $22!

We did have popcorn around 9:30 though!

Other than that, I was a lazy lima bean!   It was a great day.  But now I have to do all my chores today – some cleaning, grocery shopping and some cooking – its a rainy Sunday so I don’t mind 😀