Tony is 50 today!  Tony and I met when he was 39, so I’ve been lucky enough to spend both his 40th and 50th birthday with him!

I won’t embarrass him with a lot of pictures when he was little (for the simple fact I don’t have many!) but this picture is one of my favorites of him.  It’s funny, up until about sophomore in high school, he was the smallest kid on the team, but he finished high school at 6 feet 2 inches!

And we’ve been through a lot these last ten years!  We got married, moved into a new home, Tony’s had three knee replacement surgeries and heart surgery!  I feel I was meant to be with him to help him go through the hard times – I can’t even imagine him going through them without me actually!

And while we’ve had our ups and downs these past ten years, we always go to bed at the end of the day happy to have found each other.  We are the perfect fit for each other.

One of the first things I loved about Tony was his sense of humor – he makes me laugh!  On the first email he sent me he said “I am a divorced father of a 10 year old son.  I am Italian and proud that I have no back hair and have separate eyebrows!”  That made me laugh out loud!

And he loves me for who I am.  Whenever I talk about losing weight, he always tells me “you are doing that because you want to, because I think you are beautiful!”  How lucky am I?

I like to call this one "serious model" pose. 😀

You are a wonderful father!

White Sox Fans! 😀
one of my favorite pictures of Tony 😀
God I love him!

Cheers to the next 10 years babe!

So I have the day off today!  We plan on getting some good deli sandwiches around the Northbrook area with Hannah and then he and I are going out for sushi for dinner.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY! I love you more every day I know you. 😀

Come back tomorrow for my ultimate carrot cake and broccoli mac n cheese recipe.

Also, don’t forget to vote for my Foodbuzz Food Blog Entry – the link is here.

Tomorrow I am also joining Steve’s Hot 100 – tomorrow marks only 100 days left of the year – check it out!  I’ve been noticing that since I haven’t been taking pictures of everything I’ve eaten this last week, um, let’s just say they haven’t all been the best choices!

Have a great day!