I think it got down to about 55 degrees last night.  In my book there is nothing better than being under the covers with a cool breeze floating across your face.  I almost was going kick our dog off of our down comforter that he sleeps on at the foot of our bed!

For breakfast yesterday I used 2 slices of my no-knead bread as the base for my egg sammie.  Our deli sliced our Swiss cheese really thin, so this is only 1 ounce of cheese, but it looks and tastes like a lot more!

446 calories, 40 carbs, 30 protein, 18.4 fat and 1.5 fiber

That kept me full for a suprisingly long time – I ended up doing 45 minutes on the elliptical on level 10 – that was pretty hard!

For lunch I had a bowl of my cream of tomato curry soup – it tasted even better than the day I made it.  On the side – a red pepper and cheddar cheese quesadilla I Pam fried so it was nice and crispy.  Lunch:  423 calories, 42 carbs, 14.8 protein, 22 fat and 4.1 fiber.

I was grilling chicken and knowing Hannah isn’t a big fan of that, I planned on making a lot of spaetzle.   I’ve made it several times since our German exchange student Maxi left.  However, I chose a recipe that made a bigger batch and it was an epic fail.  The spaetzle never quite separated in the boiling water – and I even let the batter sit for 30 minutes!

So I went to plan B and just cooked up some egg noodles.  I spent so much time with the spaetzle, that I didn’t realize I never cooked the broccoli I had planned to go with dinner.  I am sure Tony is bummed about that (not!).

Hannah bought me a bbq sauce for Mother’s Day that had gotten hidden in my pantry.  I really liked this – I think she got it at T.J. Maxx.

Tony had K.C. Masterpiece bbq chicken thighs - one of which didn't get completely cooked 🙁

And I had a chicken breast (I only ate half).

423 calories, 54 carbs, 34 protein, 6.4 fat and 1.9 fiber

But around 9:30, I realized I had put some ground beef in the refrigerator that I had already defrosted for our gyros burgers and had to cook it up, so I made taco meat to use later this week.  Well later this week ended up being 10 minutes after I started cooking the meat, and I made us a plate of nachos.  Somehow I didn’t end up getting a picture of that! 😀

Stats for Tuesday

  • 1577 calories, 164 carbs, 89 protein, 62 fat, 7.5 fiber
  • 35% of calories from fat
  • 45 minutes elliptical

I want that! Marisa’s Harvest Blend salad.   I’ve had Trader Joe’s harvest blend before, but by itself I thought it was just okay.  I like how Marisa jazzed it up with feta cheese, vinegar and roasted red peppers! 😀