I had high hopes of riding my bike outside yesterday morning.  I had my Road I.D., my glucose tabs, my cell phone.  Only one problem – the tires were really flat!  It had been almost six weeks since I asked Tony to put air in the tires and apparently they don’t last that long!

So I went the Exercise TV On Demand and found two good workouts:

Okay, the Jackie Abs routine kicked my ass – I am not gonna lie – I did about 50% of this workout and I can feel it today!

I was wondering what to put together for breakfast when I thought of doing a breakfast pizza on one of my pitas.  I didn’t have any pizza sauce, and although I’ve turned my nose up to bbq sauce on a pizza, I decided to give it a try.  It was so good!  My pizza:  1 pita, 2 tablespoons spicy bbq sauce, 1.5 ounce grilled chicken, yellow peppers, spinach, 1/4 cup egg beaters and 1 ounce of mozzarella cheese:

I love all the nooks in the pita!

My friend and I went to the gym at lunch.  We read that we could race each other, but we couldn’t figure out how to do it.  So we picked the same race and would compare the time when we finished.  Turns out, that’s all you have to do is start two bikes on the same race at the same time!  We could follow each other, although we pretty much didn’t figure it out until the end.  It was such a great motivator, I know I pushed myself harder because of the challenge – thanks Ren! 😀

Lunch was something I haven’t had in a long time – shrimp stirfry!

And later on I had a snack – and reason number 10,101 I love Tony – he finds me spicy shit!

probably the best pickle I've ever had!

Tony came to pick me up so we could get our truck from the shop . . .$460 later 🙁 we were firing up the grill.  Since it was going to take a while, I made a cheese and crack plate – we loved this blue cheese because it didn’t knock our socks off, just a mild blue cheese:

I seared our roast and then cooked it on top of a cast iron skillet with the fat side up.  Then let it rest while the corn cooked:

I studded the roast with garlic and then just a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary.

Mmmmmm.....garlic 😀
I have horseradisch cream on mine to kick it up a notch

Hannah loves when we grill because that means smores!  Look at these giant marshmallows I found!

My friend gave me her neighbors zucchini.  Not sure its big enough!

I made Kevin’s Blueberry Zucchini Bread.   I am going with some co-workers to see the B-52’s at Ravinia tonight, and that is my contribution.  The only thing I did different was to add lemon zest to the batter and do a lemon glaze on top, to make it more like a dessert.

Come back tomorrow for a giveaway – I just passed 300,000 page views! 😀