So glad that it’s Friday – love short work weeks!  I tried to make an omelet yesterday, but it broke, so it ended up being a hash!

Before I knew it, Hannah was picking me up for lunch!

If there is a tomato soup on the menu, I 99% of the time will get it.  This one was delicious, although it did have a few big chunks of tomato – I prefer mine smooth.  Which reminds me that I need to make my grilled tomato soup again soon!

We both got the soup and 1/2 sandwich combo – we got the California club which had avocado, bacon and turkey on whole grain.  We both didn’t like the salad dressing though – it was an overly sweet poppy seed dressing, but the sammie was delicious!

Thanks for having lunch with me Hanners! 😀

One of the nice things about having a menu board, is that everyone knows what we are having for dinner.  Not sure Tony was that enthused with this weeks menu, but when I got home from work, Hannah had everything mise en place for our taco fiesta!

I had two of these:

with lots and lots of chipotle Tabasco added at the table 😀

When I was in Hilton Head in June, I stayed at my cousin Lynn’s rental house with her husband Martin for a night.  Her husband is from Switzerland, and they were kind enough to mail me a Swiss cookbook!  Thank you!

You’ll notice the yellow tabs on top – she’s flagged some recipes for me to try 😀  I am not too familiar with Swiss eats so look forward to trying some out.  Have you had Swiss food before?

No stats for yesterday, but I think I did okay.  No exercise though so I have to kick it up a notch at lunch today.

Enjoy your Friday! 😀