I had a way bigger post, but with one key stroke it deleted the whole thing!  Crap – so this is a much smaller version of that post because time is running out of time and I have to get ready for work!

She didn’t sleep at all during the 10 hour flight, and was amazingly wide awake when she landed, even though it was about midnight Germany time.  We went to dinner to kill some time – as luck would have it her flight arrived at the height of Chicago’s rush hour!

We went to Basillico for the third time in a month!  I got their wonderful tomato basil soup and the ricotta stuffed gnocchi.

Tony got the pasta carbonara.  Not too long ago I told him I was making that for dinner and this dish was what he had in mind.  When I brought my healthy version to the table, let’s just say he was a tad disappointed.  This however, was creamy goodness!

She brought us home a lot of stuff!

lot's of chocolate bars
spicy chocolate for me . . . come on low blood sugar!

for me - love silver!While the German teachers frowned up the purchase of alcohol, they were the first to advise how to get it home – wrapped in a newspaper and put in your shoe!

Here are a few of my favorite pics so far:

before going out on the town

And proud food bloggin momma that I am, she took pictures of her food!  This was one of her favorites –  meat and onion filled dumplings in eggs and green onions.  Yes, my daughter loves onions!

Welcome home Hannah! 😀