It was back to my good ole breakfast sammie, although this time I added cooked red pepper left over from our fish taco fiesta.  Breakfast comes in at 380 calories, 45 carbs, 21 protein, 15.3 fat and 10.1 fiber.

With delicious strawberries on the side – these are so sweet!

I planned on running a 5k at lunch yesterday.  While I love the bike machine, I thought I needed to switch it around.  Well guess what?  I hated the run!  And I was watching FoodTV while running!  After 20 minutes I got off and went to the bike and pounded out a 4 mile uphill bike climb and loved it!  See how sweaty I am?

So I decided don’t do what you don’t love.  Exercise is exercise, and I love the bike machine so I am sticking with it! 😀

Lunch was leftover pork taco with chili.   I know, yet another episode of throw shit in a bag!  But after I defrosted the chili, there was like 2 pieces of meat, 3 beans and the rest was just the broth.  After one bite of the taco, it fell apart, so I ended up throwing my taco into my chili for taco chili – it was actually really good!

Lunch: 421 calories, 41 carbs, 31 protein, 10.5 fat and 8.8 fiber

I had a whole chicken in the deep freeze so made a butterflied herbed grilled chicken – I love that I just pick the herbs from the backyard and chop them up!  On the side I took red potatoes, hallowed them out and wrapped them in bacon!  I only used 2 pieces of bacon for three potato halves!  You need to cook the potatoes on a piece of foil to hold the bacon grease, otherwise they will catch on fire!

Our dog Ed just loves laying in the grass when we are outside!
This chicken took about an hour to cook – I had the potatoes on the whole time too.

I took the chicken off to rest, then added the cheese to our potatoes – my side has an ounce of goat cheese, Tony’s is shredded cheddar.

Best side dish ever!  The potato was tender, the bacon was nice and crispy with the tang of the goat cheese – yum!

My plate:

with mango habanero sauce on mine!  Dinner:  491 calories, 39 carbs, 41 protein, 17.8 fat and 2.7 fiberLet’s just look at the potato again!

Thanks to everyone who left comments for Brooke and Buffy yesterday.  We have such an awesome group of cheerleaders!!   For all the 101 Days of Summer Challengers, don’t forget to email me your week four progress by Sunday – email me at 😀

The winner of my eCookbook, 25 of my favorite recipes here at BDL, including Chicken Tikka Masala (which was recently a throw down on Bobby Flay’s show!) and Thai Basil Chicken Wonton Cups is . . . Morgan of Kicking My Trash!  I’ll get that out to you today!

Okay, yesterday I said I was off to do Jillian’s 30 day shred – only problem is that it was in my gym bag at work!  So I did exercise on demand – her 37 minute Yoga meltdown.  I have to be honest – it was hard, and there were poses I just was not able to do, so I am only counting it as 20 minutes!

Stats for Thursday:

  • 20 minute Jillian yoga meltdown
  • 20 minute run on treadmill at 5.5 mph (which sucked ass)
  • 20 minute 3.0 hill climb bike ride (awesome!)
  • 1,429 calories, 151 carbs, 96 protein, 50 fat and 23 fiber

Hooray for Friday!  Hope you have a great day – any big plans for the weekend?  We have none which is awesome! 😀