She is officially an alumni of High School!  I started out her day with a balloon that said “Class of 2010” and a dozen long stem roses.

We were doing our usual chores before my Mom came over, I swept the kitchen floor, vacuumed the living room, etc.  All of a sudden I needed to jump in the shower.  When I got out Hannah said “I have to go!”  Yikes!  I had just enough time to throw something on and take a quick picture.

My Mom and I were planning on leaving 30 minutes before we had to be there, but Hannah called and told us it was already packed – 50 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start!

So we ended up sitting on the visitors side 🙁

In our hurry to get out the door, I only remembered to bring two water bottles.  No stadium seats (and we have deluxe ones from when Joe played football!), no sun screen, hats, nothing!  And it was hot!  I had no idea it was going to be that hot – and since we got there at noon and it didn’t end until 2:00, I totally got sunburned.  My mom didn’t as much, but she has more olive skin than I do.

It’s about the only time you can describe me as delicate is when you talk about my skin!

I was a sad panda last night!  (I stole your line Mari!)  I tried aloe vera “after burn” lotion, but I was still in a lot of pain – mostly my arms, neck and especially my face.  Tony did a quick search, and guess what worked??  White vinegar! I poured some on my arms, and dabbed it on my face and it took away most of the pain – I could still feel it, but no where near as much as before.  Thanks Tony!

Me and my momma - before the burn! 😀

Hannah was so happy after it was all over – she couldn’t stop smiling!

Hannah with some of her friends:

Hannah and Joe
Hannah and Carol
Hannah and Alex (whose she's known since 4th grade when we moved out here)
Hannah and Lindsey

Then this is a picture of Hannah with her advisory teacher, Mr. Marshall.  He said to me “you should be so proud of your daughter, I expect to hear great things about her in the next few years!”

And then a picture with Hannah’s favorite teacher, the German teacher, Mr. Delzell.  While most teachers only get a student for a semester here and there during a high school career, Hannah has had Mr. Delzell for every semester all four years!  They have an amazing bond, and he said to me “Hannah is so thoughtful and intelligent, I’ll miss not having her in class next year.”  It almost brought tears to my eyes!

Some Stats About Hannah’s High School:

  • to be in the top 10% of the graduating class of 444 kids, you needed a GPA higher than 4.0!
  • 2010 brought two state championships for the first time in school history – in football and volleyball
  • 92% of the students are going to college
  • Hannah’s cumulative GPA of 3.72 puts her in the 50%, which means 50% of the school had a GPA higher than 3.72!
  • The average GPA for the whole class was 3.25!
  • 1 student is headed into the military, which brought a standing ovation!

We went out to eat afterward.  I could hear everyone talking about local places they were going to lunch, so we went in a different direction and didn’t have to wait.  Um, pretty sure this place has the best tots!

While its hard to tell through the sea of tots, I got a tex-mex flat bread pizza - it had spicy shredded chicken, black beans and corn with pepper jack cheese, and a whole cup of pickled jalapenos!

Then we came home for presents.  While we gave her $$ :D, my Mom gave her a suitcase, a charm for her charm bracelet, and this collage – start in the left hand corner and go around in a circle until you get to her senior picture! 😀

The many faces of Hannah!

Thank you all so much for your kind comments yesterday – I read them all this morning!

Tomorrow begins our 101 Days of Summer Challenge!  I think I am up to 23 people now!  I will be introducing our participants tomorrow – its not too late to join – just leave a comment or send me an email letting me know what your goal is for the summer!  Run a 5K?  Lose 5 pounds?  Whatever fits you! 😀

I am going to put more vinegar on my arms and face – my before picture is going to be so sexy tomorrow with my farmers tan! 😀  Enjoy your Sunday!