I have to post tonight because I forgot I have to go to Chicago for a seminar tomorrow – I am meeting a co-worker at 6:45 a.m. tomorrow for the train!  Um, that’s usually the time I get up in the morning so this could be interesting!

First off, thanks for all your well wishes about Tony’s friends wife.  The saddest part is that his friends nephew left a message on an old cell phone of Tony’s, and had we gotten that message, we would have been there to support him.  Tony talked to him briefly today – he’s still in unbelievable shock as you can well imagine.   The sudden part is what struck me the most, and that it can happen to anyone at anytime!   So scary when you think that you wake up with someone one morning and go to bed alone that same night. 🙁

Breakfast was my typical egg sammie on an everything bagel thin – quickly becoming my new favorite bread to use!

the orange tasted like ass, so the breakfast sammie comes in at 341 calories, 21 carbs, 25 protein, 17 fat and .9 fiber

Do you guys have a Steak and Shake around you?  OMG, they have the best chili.  There is a seasoning I am missing when I make my own!  Coming back from the baby shower on Saturday I passed one, did a u-turn and picked up 4 cups and stuck them in the fridge when I got home!

I looked up the calories AFTER I ate it - turns out fat was what I was missing in mine - 1 1/2 cups is 36 grams of fat!

I decided to make a bed of baby spinach, then my chili, then 1/2 ounce of reduced fat cheddar cheese.  I used carrot coins as my dippers instead of tortilla chips!

It was really good!  Lunch set me back:  523 calories, 30 carbs, 19 protein, 36 fat and 8.5 fiber.  I actually loved the carrots as dippers – of course, splashed with Tabasco! 😀

Tony went out for dinner, so I ended up having something Mexican – which is usually my go to when he’s not here!  Although I did have a mini nacho sampler as I was heating up the ground beef – 12 mini tortillas and 1/2 ounce reduced fat cheese with green Tabasco!

125 calories, 9 carbs, 4 protein, 8.5 fat and 1.5 fiber

Two things totally made my taco salad:  this dressing – only 70 calories for 2 tablespoons!

And a tablespoon of this on top!  The first time I saw this was on Marisa’s blog I think, and when I saw it, I immediately thought of her!

My whole salad comes in at only 296 calories, 8.5 carbs, 29 protein, 16.1 fat and 2 fiber! 😀

This took me a long time to eat too!

Stats for Wednesday:

  • no exercise – had to work through lunch for endocrinologist appointment
  • 1285 calories, 69 carbs, 78 protein, 78 fat (way too high!) and 11.9 fiber (way too low)

Okay, I need to log off the computer – more storms are coming our way!  Oh, and the BSI hostess this week is Jenn Cuisine and she chose Honey!  I plan on making honey whole wheat pretzel sticks with jalapenos and habanero cheese – if I did the calculations right – each one will be only 3 points – but I think I’ll tackle that over the weekend.

Have a great day tomorrow!  See you on Friday! 😀