Yep.  My daughter blames me for her not liking meat.   You see, when I was pregnant with her, any type of meat turned me off – even my beloved burgers and steak!  What did I crave?  Chinese food!  So my 18 year old daughter hates meat and loves Chinese food! 😀  She mentioned to me the other day that unknowingly, she’d gone 4 days without eating meat and decided to see if she could stick to a vegetarian diet.

What did I do?  I cooked her chicken!  Tony and I were having a pork roast, which I knew she wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole, and when I called her to dinner I told her that I had grilled her some Greek marinated chicken, she looked at me and said “Um, Mom, remember when I told you I was a vegetarian?”  So her chicken became my lunch!

First off though, yesterday was “Professional Administration Day.”  Basically a made up holiday, but we got bagels and fruit – the office managers gave us cute vases with daisies (which luckily I can’t kill!) and one of my bosses gave me an orchid (which I definitely will kill) and a gift card – to be used strictly for Tony and I to go out to dinner 😀  Thanks Nancy! 😀

I am nervous about the orchid.  Usually plants come to my house to die!

So while I brought an Arnold thin for my breakfast sammie, I could not pass up 1/2 of an asiago cheese bagel 😀

Breakfast: 406 calories, 50 carbs, 30 protein, 10.7 fat, 1.9 fiber

I decided to make a wrap with Hannah’s chicken – I sauteed some red pepper and put lots of Dijon mustard on my wrap.

I actually accessories my sammie with canned soup.  I know, can you believe it?  I won it from Lisa a while back – I ended up eating the whole can, which was 2 servings at 200 calories – but 80% of my sodium for the day. 🙁

The verdict? It wasn’t too bad!  A tad on the salty side, but I swirled in some Tabasco to make a spicy broth.  I like the thick noodles, but the chicken tastes kind of rubbery to me.   Speaking of Tabasco, my sister sent me a link with tons of Tabasco recipes!!   Guess what my party pizza Friday pizza is going to be??  Blackened chicken pizza with spicy creole tomato sauce! Doesn’t that sound fantastic??!!

It was so nice outside, my friend and I walked for 45 minutes in t-shirts.  I had to work about an hour late last night, and when I called Tony to let him know I was coming home, he asked if he could get dinner started.  I knew it was going to be quick to put together – I told him to light the grill – it was then that he told me it was cold outside, and he was right!   It was probably 65 degrees at lunch and it felt like 45 outside!

Needless to say, I “grilled” indoors!  Super simple – surf and turf – ribeye steak (1.4 pound steak for $4.50 – it was in the 50% bin last week!) and scallops with asparagus.

Have you cooked with scallops?  I have always read that you need to have “dry” scallops to get a good sear, but for the life of me, I cannot get them dry!  I even squeezed each on individually in paper towels, laid them on my cutting board until I was ready to use them, and they were still wet!

I am a bit obsessed with grill marks! 😀
sauteed in 1 pat of butter, 1/2 tsp. olive oil and Pam

My plate: 3.5 ounces steak, asparagus and 3 ounces of scallops.  At the table I drizzled the asparagus with Paul Newman’s light balsamic dressing – that turned out really good!  Dinner comes in at 425 calories, 5.7 carbs, 59 protein, 16.5 fat and 1.8 fiber.

And then later in the night I got the munchies!  I measured out a serving of Trader Joe jalapeno crunchies – yum!

130 calories, 19 carbs, 2 protein, 6 fat and 2 fiber

So overall my day was good – except I ended up with 200% in protein, not enough carbs and way high on sodium.

1408 calories, 123 carbs, 147 protein, 45 fat and 24 fiber

Okay, so I am caught up with Biggest Loser!  OMG, tissues were definitely necessary!!  Can I just say that I love O’Neal??!!  Just his personality, determination – even while grieving the loss of his brother.

But one thing that I noticed – when they had the temptation to eat whatever they wanted, one of the contestants had their “typical” breakfast and it only came in at 175 calories – really?  And then Sam mentions that he eats the most calories at 1,800 – which still seems low for how much they work out.  Any thoughts?

I am off to put together my breakfast and lunch – not sure what it’s going to be yet because I didn’t make the quiche I wanted to and I never made the scallop bisque!

Happy Thursday!