I had such a non-Biz breakfast yesterday – it reminded me of something Meghann would normally have! 😀

Two Van’s brand multi-grain waffles, 6 large strawberries, 6 ounces of plain Greek yogurt split between the two waffles and 1/4 cup of sugar free pancake syrup.   This plate comes in at 294 calories, 52 carbs, 18.2 protein, 2 fat and 7 fiber 😀

My friend and I walked at lunch again yesterday – there is this spot we walk by, it’s flooded and loaded with frogs – they are so loud!  That is, until they hear us talk and then they all simultaneously stop!  It makes us laugh every time!

It was still pretty cold out – maybe only 40 degrees, but we are starting to see signs of spring!

I loved my lunch yesterday!  I found these chicken sausages – each link is only 100 calories!  I know it says “onions” on the package, but I didn’t see it and I didn’t taste any 😀

My plate – one link, one 80 calorie bun, 1 ounce of sun chips and a new apple to me – it was called Pacific Rose and it was really good!

Okay, I may have an unusal obcession with mustard and hot peppers! 😀

Lunch comes in at:  393 calories, 53 carbs, 18.7 protein, 13 fat and 6.1 fiber.

Tony and I decided to have sushi for dinner – it’s at this point in the Lenten season that I am all out of ideas for non-meat meals!  We were tired of shrimp, I don’t like many types of fish, so sushi won!  On the way we stopped at World Market to pick up some coffee – so cheap!  We got a 24 ounce bag of Italian roast for only $8.49!

Of course you can never go into a store like that and not pick anything else up.  This may have landed in my basket:

But I did not put this in my basket! While I like spicy things, they have to be flavorful spicy – I think this one would just be too hot!

I almost always get the same thing when we go here – the aged dashi tofu, potstickers and miso soup.  I decided to switch gears and I got the Fire Spice Roll – jalapenos with cream cheese and raw tuna in a tempura batter with a spicy sauce – this was so good!  It even came to the table on fire!

I'll definitely order this one again!

I also got the cucumber rolls:

Tony always gets this – its called Happy Avo and its raw fish on an avocado with the most amazing sauce – we both agree that the sauce makes this dish – I didn’t eat any of the raw fish, but I did have a couple bites of the avocado.

And Tony got his crunchy shrimp head!

I also had two of these - 😀

And I even tried one of Tony’s rolls – it had raw fish/tuna/avocado and small roe on the side – it was actually really good! Ten years ago I never would have looked at that, let alone try it!

I estimate dinner at 699 calories, 102 carbs, 21 protein, 6.6 fat and 2 fiber - does that sound about right?

Stats for Friday: 45 minute walk.  1,387 calories, 207 carbs, 58 protein, 22 fat and 15.1 fiber. Calorie Count gave me a C+ for the day because I was low on fat, too high in sodium, and too low in fiber, Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron and Potassium. 🙁  Maybe I should start taking multi-vitamins again?!

The girls have already left for a full day of shopping at Woodfield.   I am excited because Food Buzz picked my submission for this months 24:24:24!  I am having some German exchange students over for pizza making 101!  Be sure to stop by tomorrow for that post!

I love this picture of Hannah and Maxi!  It was taken at the ice skating rink they went to last night.

Oh – check out my friend Judy’s giveaway! Her son recently had difficult brain surgery and the prognosis is great!

Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday! 😀