Tony and I spent the better part of yesterday painting our bathroom and installing a new fan/light.  My arms are so tired from painting.  The color we chose was called shitake, but it’s really a chocolate brown – what do you think of the color?

When we moved into our house, the whole bathroom was pink – even the toilet!   We had painted it a tan color, but I really like this color – it goes nice with the white trim.

I knew I was going to have an egg sammie on my fresh baked bread yesterday.   I had a fried egg sammie, using the 75% reduced fat cheddar cheese on top.

Just so happens that Menard’s is next to Portillo’s so I picked up lunch 😀

Mustard and sport peppers = yum!

Saturday I put together Beth’s chicken pot pie – but we didn’t have it until last night.  I was glad I had made it ahead of time because I was too tired to cook anything!  I followed her recipe to the T, except I added two teaspoons of this:

I thought it needed more chicken flavor
the flour made the sauce really thick 😀

I cheated though – I used a refrigerator crust!

I also cooked mine for 40 minutes.

My plate:

Since we were working on our bathroom, I did not grocery shop or meal plan! This should be interesting on what I can throw together today!

Check out the BSI Round-Up for Carrots – Wow!

Okay, off to figure out what to put together for my breakfast and lunch! 😀