My alarm went off at 7:00 – I don’t normally need to leave for work until about 8:25, giving me plenty of time to do my blog post, drink some coffee.

We went to bed at 11:00, my alarm went off at 7:00 and I turned it off.  Our bed was so warm, I figured I’d snuggle for a few more minutes with Tony.  Next thing I know, what felt like a few minutes was another HOUR! 

But, being the low maintenance person I am, within 20 minutes I had showered, dressed, put my food together, brushed the inch of snow of my car and was at work with 6 minutes to spare.  Nice!

And I also left my camera battery plugged in at home, so I have a camera with no battery – but don’t fear!   You’ll get pictures tonight of our delicious Grilled Greek Chicken and Rosemary Potatoes tonight.

Oh, and my breakfast pizza was accepted on Tastespotting yesterday!  So exciting – they usually say my photography is dull and not sharp! 😀

If push comes to shove, how quick can you get ready for work?