Wow, thanks for all the suggestions on how to get a better nights sleep.  But with all your ideas, no one recommended this, which is what I did!

Yep, I took the easy way out and had a bit of wine before bed.  My Mom did suggest Sleepy Time over the counter sleep aids, but I forgot to pick some up on my way home.   I was asleep in about 30 seconds!  I feel great this morning too.  😀

My breakfast and lunch was pretty much a repeat of yesterday – instead I had my eggs in a corn tortilla and had a 60 calorie yogurt with fresh blueberries on the side:

I actually felt like running yesterday at lunch.  My blood sugar was at 102, so I decided to have a pre-run snack.  Probably not the best choice, but it did the trick!

I should have insomnia more often (kidding!) because I ran my fastest 5k on the treadmill yesterday – 39:01!  While I know I am not going to be breaking any records soon, I was pretty happy with that time.  And I got an idea for a dinner next week – of course I watch FoodTV while I work out – Rachael Ray had a Greek inspired meal that looked delicious – I’ll have to make a different side dish because Tony doesn’t like feta, but keep a look out for it next week! 😀

I had the last of my Mexican lasagna – yesterday’s picture was a bit better!  With veggies with salsa/sour cream dip:

in case it ws dry, I added more salsa on top

Who’s totally in love with all the great recipes in the Jan/Feb Cooking Light??  They had a recipe for beer battered fish tacos with mango salsa that looked amazing.   I took that idea and cheated!

3 tenders for 230 calories

These were so crunchy out of the oven!  While I am sure its only 10% fish, these were really tasty!

I had this taco x 3! And not pictured - 30 tortilla chips 🙁

I heated up some leftover Chinese food rice for a side dish – I ended up just adding about 2 tablespoons to each taco – its just 1/2 cup queso and 1/2 cup salsa mixed with the rice.

I love Mexican food – as you can tell by my whole day of food!  But tortilla chips are like crack to me 🙁

Gotta scoot – I am making whole wheat blueberry pancakes for breakfast – have a great day – two more work days til the weekend!