SuziCate is a new blog to me – its weird how you can stumble accross a blog and think “how did I not find it sooner?!”  She is a wonderful writer and I am so glad  I found her.  

I need to write about 10 things that make me happy – that’s easy!

  1. Kissing my husband.  Seriously, best kisser EVER! 😀
  2. Snuggling with my daughter when we watch a chick flick.
  3. Football season so my step-son Joe comes to the house!
  4. Hanging out with my Mom. 😀
  5. Trees.
  6. Sunsets.
  7. Cold beer on a summer day.
  8. The smell of the grill.
  9. The Irving Sandwich at Siegelman’s Deli
  10. Tiny babies – that I get to hold and then hand back!

Breakfast yesterday was a simple egg white wrap with ham and Swiss Lorraine aka stinky cheese!

I had an extra baked potato in the fridge, so lunch was easy – broccoli cheddar stuffed potato with a giant salad on the side – I need to eat more veggies!  The spicy bbq sauce makes this 😀

with Annie's Goddess dressing - so good!

My friend and I did Jillian’s Fat Banish work out yesterday, but I was not feeling it – we skipped the circuits that were hard – and only did about 35 minutes of the 60 minute dvd.   Later in the afternoon though, I could feel the sweat start to go down the back of my neck and sure enough, my blood sugar was 48!

Whoppers to the rescue!  I had two of these bags, so six whoppers all together.

I had chicken breasts I needed to cook up, so I gave Tony three options for dinner:  Chicken Parmesan, White Chicken Chili or Chicken Cordon Bleu.   He chose the Chicken Cordon Bleu, but I don’t think he was prepared for the healthier version!

He remembers a deep fat fried version that when you cut into it, butter and cheese oozes out all over the place. 

Mine was a bit different!  First, I butterflied the chicken and pounded it thin.  And yes, my meat tenderizor (sp?) is from Williams Sonoma, but Tony got it for me last year – I love it!

I use parchment paper instead of saran wrap

Then I grated Swiss cheese over the ham

Then I rolled the chicken in half, dipped it into an egg white and milk wash, then rolled it in Italian bread crumbs with added rosemary.   I pan fried it with just 1 tsp. of canola oil and Pam.

I saw Rochelle’s (Aquired Taste) version of Cordon Bleu and liked her addition of peppers, so I added sauteed peppers to mine.

I only ate half of this piece, and maybe because the deep fryer was still on the counter, I made french fries on the side 😀

these were half of ONE potato!

Spoiler Alert:  Biggest Loser!

I fast forwarded a lot of the show last night, but I was glad that they left Michael on the show – being the biggest guy on campus, I am glad they sent his Mom home – and she has conquered her fear of water!  

I have similar issues with water – and I think the when I did my triathlon in 2006, Tony was so happy to see me get out of the water!

Proud Momma Moment.  Hannah just finished her first semester of her senior year – check out these grades!

I am completely kidding about the B- !  I would have killed for a B- in high school! 😀  So proud of you Hannah!