Don’t get me wrong.  I love hanging out with my husband and step-son.  But when it comes to football, I don’t think they appreciate my comments!

Biz: “OMG, I hate the color of that teams outfits!”  (It was brown and yellow!)

Biz: “Does the play stop when they accidentally run over the official?”

Biz: “It looks like they are wearing capri pants!”

But the best news is that I am winning this weeks picks, which drives them absolutely nuts!  😀

I started out the day by making my 5 minute artisan bread.  I decided to use my French baguette mold.  I think this recipe is a bit dense for this type of loaf.  I ended up scooping out a lot of the bread before I made the boys French dip sammies!


And I should have sprayed the mold with Pam – they kind of stuck a little – maybe I should have baked them longer too?


Tony had a sausage and pepper French dip.  Joe had just a cheezy beef – not too much au jus for him though!  Once upon a time his beef sandwiches had to be completely dry, but now he likes a little gravy! 😀


Since I didn’t get my pizza fix, I had pizza bread!  I scooped out a lot of the bread inside – so my base is 4 ounces of French bread.  My sauce was a mixture of one tablespoon ricotta cheese and one tablespoon tomato paste, one ounce of the Italian sausage leftover from Tony’s sammie, then topped with yellow peppers and 1/2 ounce mozzarella cheese.


This was so filling and good!  It kept me stuffed all afternoon.  While I was relaxing eating my lunch while the boys were watching football, I stumbled across a t.v. show called the 100 Mile Diet.  The premise is that you can’t consume any food that is farther than 100 miles from where you live.  The show I watched was a town in Canada, and they had five families that chose to try this challenge of not eating anything past 100 miles for 100 days.  Once they started going through their pantries, it was astonishing at how few things remained in their house!  Anything that was 101+ and farther (7,000 for one Australian wine!) had to be boxed up. 

So I got curious and just chose some random things in my cabinet.  Guess what?  I would have hardly anything to eat either!  Almost all of Trader Joe’s products are shipped from California!  Given my choices below, I would only have been able to keep sherry vinegar!

The funny part was that there were no coffee mills within a 100 mile radius of this town so everyone had to give up their coffee!  But not everyone made it the 100 days.  In fact, one family didn’t make it past the first day – but the woman was really into it, and her husband didn’t want to give up his fast food – it was so sad to watch her put all her packed away food back on her shelves the second day all defeated.  I am going to series record to see how well these families continue.

Could you eat within 100 miles of where you live? 

Then I was off to do the remainder of my grocery shop.  While I loved my shops yesterday, without a plan I just buy stuff – I was glad to finish my shop for a mere $53!  Even with the other two shops combined yesterday, I am still under $100 bucks for the week.  But I stopped in my tracks and immediately thought of Allison!  Had they had the spicy peanut butter I would have bought it! 😀


I actually made Pioneer Woman’s Cheese Garlic Bread – holy yum was it delicious!  But I did only use 1/4 of the amount of mayo, and half the cheese! 😀


I ended up making my Italian Sunday Gravy – so fricken good!  I started it yesterday, and by today, the hot sausage had mellowed out for Tony – it was delicious!  Thanks to Christina’s Dad for the hot sausage – it was delicious!  My plate, 5 ounces cooked rigatoni with 1/2 cup gravy and a sprinkle of parm.


I am happy with my menu this week too – especially my lunch tomorrow.  I saw a recipe that I adapted in my Sunday paper called Banh-Mi-Style Chicken Sandwich.  It called for a sauce with mayo, Sriracha sauce and red chili sauce.  Since I don’t like mayo, I subbed in greek yogurt – can’t wait to show it to you – its delicious! 😀

Alright – off to watch Iron Chef and catch up on last week’s Glee!  Hope everyone had a great weekend – see you tomorrow night!  I’ll pick a winner for my $35 bathroom scale giveaway tomorrow too! 😀