I couldn’t even take pictures of it, because it is the saddest time of year when we put our gazebo away for the season.  All that remains is  steel frame that’s nailed into the concrete.  It’s the happiest day when we put it up every year, which means that warmer weather is headed our way!

And as much as I love fall, today was a bit cold for me.  Okay, maybe because I decided it was okay to go to Sam’s Club in a short sleeve shirt and flip-flops, but I am just not ready for a winter coat!

Breakfast started out in fall like fashion – Tony stole got me these creamers at 7-11 the last time he was there – so delicious!  They almost had a spicy note!


Breakfast was quick, as we were trying to beat the Sam’s Club lines.  My omelet: 1/2 cup egg beaters, .8 ounces swiss cheese, 1.5 ounces deli ham, 1 ounce of rye bread toast and a shmear of butter.



Then since my Mom was coming over, we did an extra clean sweep of the house – nothing like company to actually move the couch to vacuum!  While Tony tended to the outside chores, I cleaned the inside – within an hour and a half the house was clean – not too bad! 

I had brats that needed to be cooked up, so while we were finishing the chores, I had the brats simmering in beer, then finished them off on the stove to get some crust.  I had a cucumber and red peppers salad on the side with a tablespoon of Annie’s Goddess Dressing (which I found out, my Mom doesn’t like at all!)  Um, I may like a little bit of mustard on mine! 😀



Since my Mom was coming to my house, we met earlier at the Goodwill store.  I found my Halloween costume!  My office dresses up every year, and I’ve won prizes for best costume the last two years in a row – the pressure is on!  You’ll just have to wait and see what it is!


Some of the stuff you find there is unreal!  I like how this chair is painted on the bottom half only!


But then other times, you find treasures!


So we defrosted the crab legs and they were ready for the grill!  We also got a petite filet tenderloin for a true surf and turf. 


And we didn’t ending up getting these crab legs at Sam’s Club – they had like three tiny packages and they looked like crap!  Believe it or not, we got these at Dominicks’s (a local grocery store) for the same price – $10.99 a pound!  So I could hang out with my Mom, Tony was the cook tonight 😀  And everything turned out delicious! 


While Tony finished the crab, he gave me the meat to rest – it was a perfect medium rare!


I made garlic bread on the side:


Sadly, our dinner didn’t do anything for Hannah – she ate bread.  And this:


Yep!  With a filet tenderloin AND king crab legs, my daughter chose the .49 Ramen noodle bowl!  Where did I go wrong with this child??!!

My mom is tiny too – just look at the pictures of my Mom with Tony and Hannah!

I was wearing my glasses, so I chose not to include my picture!  That, and maybe I didn’t take a shower today! 😀

So thanks Mom for waiting for you birthday dinner three weeks after your actual birthday!  I love you!  Hope you got home to Lucy (her cat) safe!

See you all tomorrow night!