Thanks to Joe for scoring us free tickets to the movie theater he works at, Tony and I took advantage of Tuesday night half price meals and $3 draft beers and $3 house wines!  We saw the Informant with Matt Damon – I am not going to say anything to spoil the movie for anyone, you’ll have to decide for yourself to go!   I gotta post quick, I still have to watch Biggest Loser!

Breakfast: 2 ounces Italian whole wheat bread, 1/2 cups egg whites, 1 ounce 75% reduced fat Cabot cheese, 1.5 ounce steak and red pepper and spinach.


With a nectarine on the side – it was okay, maybe a bit under ripe?


Lunch was leftover beef stew from last night, along with cucumber and red pepper slices with a drizzle of light honey mustard dressing.



So we get to the movie theater, get seated with menus and no one even comes by in 20 minutes!  So we go to the bar, and we see a bartender behind the bar, and still nothing!   So I say kind of loudly, we’re kind of thirsty!  He came over and said that he was training, and couldn’t serve us!  Just then, a nice girl came up, took our drink and food order and escorted us to our seat.  Turns out they are training new staff for a new theater that is being opened, and thought a Tuesday night would be a good night to train!  Luckily, we got our first round on the house! 😀

Only a couple pictures, since the theater is kind of dark.  Tony took this cool picture of my wine!  It was a chardonnay and not bad!


We split an appetizer:  Olive tapenade – a mixed olive tapenade with goat cheese on a grilled baguette.  I don’t even like olives, but the goat cheese won!

For my entree I got: Wagyu Beef Burger Duo – with applewood smoked bacon, lettuce on a brioche bun with house potato chips.  Each burger was about the size of a biscuit?  Perfect size and about 8 chips on the side.  It was delicious!   I am guess dinner was around 750 calories?

I took advantage of the complimentary blanket!


Stats for the Day:

  • 1591 calories
  • 61 fat
  • 118 protein
  • 109 carbs
  • 13.6 fiber
  • 30 minute Jillian Power Sculpt this morning before work!
  • 45 minute walk at lunch

Okay, I have to watch Biggest Loser – we’ll discuss tomorrow night! 😀