Dinner was so much fun, but you’ll have to wait to hear my carding story!

I kind of threw breakfast together on the fly – 1 egg, 1 slice of bacon, 4 ounces strawberries, and 1.5 ounces of Michelle’s cashew banana breadI toasted it and put a shmear of Smart Balance butter – yum!



And while this was delicious, I was starving by 11:00 am!  I dove into 1/4 cup of almonds (still kicking myself I didn’t get the smoked salted almonds!)

170 calories, 15 fat, 6 carbs - hit the spot!
170 calories, 15 fat, 6 carbs - hit the spot!

For lunch I just tossed in 4 ounces of taco chicken meat with lettuce (all I had in the house), carrots, red pepper, radish and an ounce of mozzarella cheese and light ranch dressing.  I really missed my baby spinach!


So we planned to meet Joe at our favorite Chinese place: Heng Wing.  Imagine our disappointment when we saw this!


So it was on to plan B!  We went to another Chinese place and had the funniest waiter – he was cracking us up the whole time (not on purpose!) and there were several times we just openly laughed out loud at the table!  He asked for our drink orders and I ordered a Miller Lite.  He looks at me, then asks Hannah what she wants.  She’s fine with water, then looks back at me and back at Hannah and I was like, WTF?  Then he asked for my i.d.!  I will happily show my i.d. to drink beer at age 41!  As we were leaving the restaurant, the waiter asks Hannah “Is she your mother?!”   That made my day!

I had about 750 calories to spend, so I don’t exactly know how much I actually ate – close enough!  For my entree – spicy chicken in garlic sauce – I still had to kick it up a notch though!  Hannah had this sauce with her potstickers – tasted like soy sauce with crushed red pepper.  I asked the waiter what it was and he says “potsticker sauce!”  He did kindly give me a small container to bring home though! 😀


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Shrimp toast, wonton soup, potstickers, egg rolls and my entree – I had a little bit of everything!  So there were a couple tables when we got there around 7:15.  Music was playing.  As we were opening up our fortune cookies, we noticed that the music was turned off and we were the only table left – at 8:30 at night!


So the food was much better than our last Chinese outing which was good!  And I have my new favorite picture of Joe and Hannah!


It is still so weird to me how much they look like biological siblings!  And then I had to get a new muscle shot for good measure!


So Happy 20th Joe – and thanks to everyone who left birthday wishes in my earlier post! 😀

See you tomorrow!