Well, it was lunch, but that’s the name of her blog!  I was running about 20 minutes late but still was the first to arrive.  I was kind of nervous/anxious because while I know these women through their blogs, it can be different when you actually meet in person!  And I am considerably older than these women, so that was a variable!  But I felt at home once we started talking about food! :D  And it wasn’t until I got home that I realized that we didn’t take a group photo!

Christina made two of my favorite things – baked brie and bacon wrapped cheese filled jalapenos!



She also had a vegetable tray:


I made my pizza – I wished I would have thought to make the dough in front of them because it is so easy.  Two cups flour, 1 cup warm water, 1 package of yeast and 1 teaspoon of salt, then you are ready to roll out the dough!  My pizza was pepperoni and red pepper with fresh basil.  And I used my new pizza tray which I LOVE!


Michelle from Lucky Taste Buds made this pasta salad:


And she gave us each a goodie bag – how sweet was that??


With an equally cute note tucked inside:


One of the things in the goodie bag I am most wanting to try:


Yep, read about them on tons of food blogs, but yet to try!

We were talking so much I forgot to take many pics – and am bummed I forgot to get a picture of Mara’s white chicken soup!  It was so good!

After my pizza came out of the oven, Christina unveiled her Mom’s zucchini pie recipe – which is a family secret!  I totally wanted the recipe!


The above picture was right out of the oven – my slice below – and happily NO ONIONS were present! 😀


Christina’s Dad visited recently, and not only did he make her TONS of sausage, he made this delicious hot sauce – is that a family secret too??!!  I told the girls how while I love hot sauce, I like flavorful hot sauce, and this one fit the bill!


And what a perfect hostess – she even had to go containers!!  (apparently you can buy them at the Dollar Tree – who knew?!)


But the best part is that I came home with these – hot and sweet sausage – along with homemade breakfast sausage!



I have my thinking cap on and plan on making one dinner this week from some of the sausage – THANK YOU!

And for dessert, Michelle made cashew banana chocolate chip bread – it smells so good!  You may see this as part of my breakfast tomorrow! 😀


It was so nice meeting these lovely ladies, just wish my sister would have been able to make it! 

Off to snuggle with Tony – come back tomorrow for my step-son Joe’s birthday blog! 😀