I planned my farmers market visit about an hour after it opened.  I was pissed because the cheese stand was far from being opened, and she seemed to not care in the least that people were standing, waiting for cheese!  She must be a “worker” and by that I mean doesn’t give a shit about the cheese lovers!   So while I had every intention of picking up my beloved cheese, I walked away.

But, I did find these babies!


I have no idea what type of baby peppers these are – they are the size of habaneros, but I’ve never seen them in these colors!  And the 12 year old boy who helped me wasn’t quite sure either, but for $1 I decided to bring them home – they may be in my eggs tomorrow!

I didn’t go too crazy, since I don’t know what is going to be in my CSA box this Saturday, but this produce looked amazing!


They had patty pan squash too, and if I didn’t already have zucchini at home, I totally would have grabbed it!  But I did end up getting this and can’t wait to try this with shrimp!  This was $7 for a pound, but felt it was totally worth it!


I also got these two bunches of basil for $1.  Something about putting them in a beer glass is comforting!  Um, for the record, I love Goose Island beers!


Dinner was bbq chicken legs.  Hannah informed me that she was going to be picking up “her” chicken on the way home.  By that I mean she gets chicken cutlets as thin as they come.  It’s funny, for the last few years, when Hannah loves something, she says “when I have my own apartment, this is going to be a staple.”  So these chicken cutlets, even though they cost $5 for a small package, are going to be in her future apartment!  She likes the fact that they are already trimmed and ready to go!


I like the fact that our chicken legs were less than $3!


Here they are after they’ve grilled for 25 minutes:


I decided to use my julienne peeler to make zucchini pasta with fresh basil and parmesan – I love this peeler!  I got it at Tuesday Morning of all places!


Here is my plate:  1 chicken leg and a big helping of zucchini pasta.  I wasn’t too hungry after my lunch, so dinner comes in at 262 calories, 14 fat, 29 protein, 4 carbs and 1.4 fiber.  I forgot to photograph one of my homemade bagels as my late morning snack, so no wonder I was stuffed after lunch!


I love the added flavor of the basil!  Hannah and I both had two helpings.  Um, pretty sure Tony didn’t touch it!  I finished off the last of a box wine of Pinot Grigio – one glass which was perfect.  I loved the message on the side of the box – pretty sure I live by this rule every day of my life!


Our dog Ed was happy to eat the leftover chicken!  I made it black and white – he’s so cute!  He’s like “are you gonna eat that??!!”


The Sox game was earlier today, and they sucked.  But we took two games out of the series so we’ll have to be happy with that! 

Stats for the Day:

  • 1410 calories
  • 63 fat
  • 108 protein
  • 101 carbs
  • 14 fiber
  • no exercise – I chose to walk the farmers market! 😀

Off to snuggle with my main squeeze – see you tomorrow!  We are going to try to tweak our cauliflower pizza crust tomorrow night.  But just in case, i plan on having a whole wheat crust too!  See you tomorrow!