Seriously, this summer has been the best weather wise – I think we’ve turned on our central air only twice this whole summer!  Although this weekend is supposed to be in the mid-90’s, so I am going to enjoy these next couple days.

I had to go with spicy oats again, and this time I REALLY added a lot of hot sauce – so spicy good!  So while it looks pretty with the fried egg on top and bacon, after I took that picture I just chopped the egg and bacon into the oats – every bite has a bit of egg, oats and bacon!  And I added 1/2 ounce of cheddar cheese to the oats too – yum!

Breakfast comes in at 351 calories, 14 fat, 26 protein, 28 carbs and 4 fiber
Breakfast comes in at 351 calories, 14 fat, 26 protein, 28 carbs and 4 fiber

Have you guys been watching Top Chef – Masters?  I just love the respect these chefs have for each other.  And it reminds me that I need to go to Frontera Grill downtown or Topolobampo

That’s about the only thing I miss about working downtown is the restaurants.  I was lucky when I was a young single mother with no money, that when my birthday or work anniversary came around, my boss said I could pick any restaurant!  

I ate lunches at:

  • Ruth’s Chris
  • Italian Village (La Cantina only)
  • Wolfgang Puck (great wood fire pizza!)
  • Brasserie Jo
  • Harry Caray (best pork chops!)
  • Bistro 110
  • Berghoff (the sauerbraten was amazing!)
  • Scoozi

But my favorite restaurant was Topolobampo – I don’t remember what I even got, but if I could have licked the plate, I would have!  But what I remember was that the server handed us a post card that had the address of the restaurant, but on the front was a picture of a habanero pepper.

This is probably the mid 90’s, and I had just heard about habanero peppers.  I asked “where can you buy these, I can’t seem to find them anywhere!”  He said that they got theirs from a wholesaler.  We were just about to leave when the server stopped me and handed me a bag – I cleaned my plate so I knew there couldn’t be a doggie bag!  He told me to open it, and inside was about a dozen habanero peppers!

I was so happy – and quickly learned when I got home that night how incredibly hot habanero peppers are! And while I can find them in my local grocery store now, but I still lean towards my jalapenos – just enough heat for me!

Morning break is over – come back for lunch: Chicken and Spinach Quesadilla with Cincinnati Chili!