Since Hannah had to work most of the day yesterday, it was a Biz and Tony day!  We went to the farm to pick up the CSA box – I got more blueberries!  They are so good.  I plan on making more of the Blueberry Yogurt Muffins to make for an outdoor concert tomorrow night.  It’s my office Girls Night Out tomorrow night and we are going to Ravinia to see the Doobie Brothers!

I thought it was funny that at the farm I got “tomato teasers.”  Three tiny tomatoes – its been so cool it may not be until September that I get any tomatoes!


And I also got what he called “breakfast beans” but they look just like regular string beans to me!


And a “home wrecker” zucchini – I have a recipe for chocolate zucchini muffins that Hannah loves.  While I don’t like eating zucchini as a side dish when its this big, I love to shred it for muffins and bread.


We went to lunch – it was perfect – a cup of chili and a small salad.


And then Tony didn’t want me to take a picture of his grilled chicken salad!  His chicken was really spicy, so I ate some of that.


Then we stopped by a butcher shop – they had so many things to look at!  Sauces, soup mixes, jams, jellies!


I saw this and almost bought it, until I saw the price tag – $8!!


And this mustard – this small jar cost $7.50!  I need to figure out how to make mustard from scratch, because I love the idea about this combination!


But I did buy this!


I found Uncle Dougie’s at my local grocery store about 12 year ago.  I loved the picture and the name Lil’ Boom so I bought a bottle.  It is kind of a cross between Frank’s Hot Sauce and Tabasco – much milder than Tabasco and a bit more kick than Frank’s.  It’s so good on eggs too!

So when I first met Tony, I was invited to his best friends house.  Wanting to make a good impression, I asked the hostess if she needed any help getting dinner together.  She asked if I could help her set the table and pointed me to a cabinet to get plates.  Well, I opened the wrong cabinet, but what I saw was about 10 different Uncle Dougie products!  I couldn’t believe my eyes! 

I quickly asked “where did you get all this Uncle Dougie stuff?!”  And she replied, “He’s our next door neighbor!”  The next party I went to at their house, Doug was there and I bowed before him and said “I am not worthy!”  He went home and brought me a whole case of Lil’ Boom! 

That was just another sign for me that Tony and I were meant to be!

I ended up making wings for dinner – and made mine with Uncle Dougie’s Lil’ Boom.


Today is going to be a cooking day for me!  I am making jalapeno whole wheat bagels, blueberry lime muffins, and another appetizer to bring tomorrow night – a roasted almond, goat cheese, date wrapped in bacon! 

Right now I am off to make “spicy egg clouds!”   Come on back for the recipe. 😀