She and my Mom had a great time and Hannah took some amazing photos – I am impressed!  She showed me all three slide shows that she put together and they turned out amazing – glad you are home – I missed you!

Their first flight was delayed, so they missed their connection, so Tony and I had some time to kill while in Milwaukee – he ended up taking me to a place he frequented when he lived there and used to take clients and customers to routinely.  Um, apparently if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.  I felt like I was walking into 1979!  And it was early (4:30) so I also felt like a senior citizen getting the early special – except other than two people at the bar we were the only ones there!


The Packing House!

Tony and I totally wanted to monge on that bread, but we didn’t!  I had a cup of Wisconsin cheese soup (how could I not!) and Tony got a salad with blue cheese – it was really good!

I got Peppercorn pork medallions – they were really good and a very generous portion – Tony got Chicken Oscar – I told Tony that I made it at home not too long ago, and he said he didn’t remember it – must not have been memorable, but here’s where you can find my recipe!

We finished dinner and still ended up with time to kill so we went to the observation area to watch the plane come in – it was really crowded – probably 30 cars?


There’s Hannah and my Mom’s plane!  You can put your radio station on a certain channel to hear the tower – cool!

Off to put together my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow – two new dishes for me:  Baked Apple stuffed with Walnut, Granola and Cheddar Cheese for breakfast and Chinese Chicken with Broccoli Slaw! 

See you tomorrow!