I forgot my camera cord (switched bags over the weekend!) so I’ll post lunch with dinner.  All you need to know is this made my sammie!

Tabasco Mustard of course!
Tabasco Mustard of course!
But I do have some other news! 
  1. Check out Meghann’s blogging bake sale going on today!  She’s almost reached her goal for her distance marathon!!
  2. Mariposa at What Do I Eat Now? is having a great giveaway – lots of treats in a giant Tuppeware bowl with a Top!!  I love these bowls – they can go  from fridge to microwave to dishwasher.  I like how she titled it “Prada Goodie Bag” giveaway to get your attention!  
  3. And guess who won BSI Avocado??  Yep, that would be me!   I’ve only come in second place once way back in October 2008, so I am happy for the win – Ruth at Plentiful Plants is going to be sending me some Canadian goodies!
  4. Also, my Clean Eating Mac n Cheese made it on Ivonne at Cream Puffs in Venice Magazine Monday!  I love her blog.  And turns out she’s a magazine whore just like me!  She made a commitment to use Monday as “Magazine Monday” to finally try all the recipes she’s ripped out of magazines.  I submitted my mac n cheese last week and it made it on her post today – check out all the other great recipes there too!   And I am pretty sure the chocolate chip muffins she made are pretty amazing!!  Definitely insulin worthy! 😀
  5. Marianne at From French Fries to Flax Seeds is going to be the next BSI hostess. . . check her blog later today for the next secret ingredient!
Quick post, afternoon break is over – but check back tonight for Classic Chicken Parmesan!