I’ve always loved going out to breakfast, maybe even more than going out to dinner!  Not only can you choose  from a million different items at diners  – its also the cheapest meal to eat out!

Hannah got the Fruit Plate with Cottage Cheese
Hannah got the Fruit Plate with Cottage Cheese
I got the egg white omelet with cheese and broccoli
I got the egg white omelet with cheese and broccoli

My omelet was just okay – I ate about half of it.  The broccoli was very crispy – almost raw tasting, so I picked most of that off.  And I didn’t specify a cheese and it was American, not my favorite.   I ate one cup of the hashbrowns.  But then, Hannah and I split a side of:

corned beef hash baby!
corned beef hash baby!

I ate 1/2 cup of the corned beef hash, which ended up being half of my caloires for breakfast!!  But I still didn’t do too bad.  Oh, I forgot (and didn’t take a picture) of 1/2 english muffin with .5 ounce apple jelly.

Breakfast comes in at:

  • 492 calories
  • 21 fat
  • 51 carbs

Since my April 1 giveaway is on the next page already, its not too late to enter!  You have until tomorrow at noon!

I am adding a new addition to my Saturday morning posts, which is a round up of really great recipes/ideas I’d discovered during the previous week.  Hope you enjoy!!  See you at lunch.

RobinSue at Big Red Kitchen had several ideas on how to combat this upcoming baseball/softball season.   When Hannah was younger packing for dinner meant picking up Subway – I wish I had known these ideas back then!  It always seemed like I got off work at 5;00 and her game started at 5:15!  You can also check out her favorite crock pot recipes, which I fully intend to do!  One of my favorite crock pot recipes of hers is her Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

Rindy at Kitchen Klique made some delicious panko breaded chicken nuggets with fiber one cereal and a really awesome looking honey mustard dipping sauce – great way to add fiber to your kids diet!

Cathy at Noble Pig makes everything so delicious, you wish you could reach into your computer monitor and pick it up!  This week as no execption.  Check out her Matzo Toffee

So the living room and dining room is all dusted, wiped, cleaned and vacuumed which leaves the bathroom and kitchen.  Lots of little errands to run today – but I plan on doing my Day 4 of 30 shred this afternoon, and hopefully take the dog to the trail for a long walk – its a bit chilly still – high of about 42, but the sun is shining and I know he’ll love it!

See you at lunch!