So if I have any loyal readers, you’ll know that I make homemade pizza every Friday night.  Tonight is no exception!  Except Tony has requested a “white” pizza.  We’ve found a recipe and if it works out, I’ll post the recipe with the dinner post.

So I didn’t bring a lunch today and ended up picking up a couple ingredients I needed to buy for the pizza.   The store that I went to didn’t have a salad bar.  They had a chicken wing bar!  I am not kidding – spicy, crunchy, boneless – fill up your bag for $5.49 a pound!  I was tempted!  But I moved onto the soups.   My choices?  Beef stew with huge chunks of onion.  Chili with huge chunks of onion.  Then Italian Wedding soup – you get the picture huge chunks of onion!

But once I saw the chili I decided to get canned.  Hormel turkey chili with no beans ($1), Brown Cow Vanilla Yogurt ($1), combo pack of carrots and ranch dressing ($1) and there was once slice of canteloupe (.50!). 

With my trusty Tabasco!  Lunch comes in at 517 calories, 21 fat and 51 carbs
With my trusty Tabasco! Lunch comes in at 517 calories, 21 fat and 51 carbs

So while there I picked up beer and wine for the weekend.  That just happened to be the first two things I put on the belt and as I am finishing unloading my basket, the checker isn’t  moving.  I put my list thing down and go by the register.  Now this woman looks to be in her 50’s.  She looks right at me and says “I am going to need some identification!”   Hells yea!  Now ladies and gentlemen I am about to be 41 next month!   I guess she couldn’t see my gray hair! 😀

Made my day though!  My lunch break is coming to an end, come on back tonight to see if the white pizza turns out!