when you do a menu plan!  I COULD HAVE SWORN I had zucchini in the fridge, but a thorough search proved fruitless. 

On to Plan B!  Since we were having marinated tuna steaks, I decided to go Asian tonight.  The steaks are from Trader Joe’s and they are very reasonable – two steaks only cost about $5.50.

Each steak weighed in about 4.5 ounces, for 150 calories
Each steak weighed in about 4.5 ounces, for 150 calories

 Now there is A LOT of marinade and I usually drain them very well and only brush a tad of the marinade during the cooking process.   So since I didn’t have any zucchini, I decided to do a quick stir fry of what veggies I did have:  broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts, bean sprouts and pea pods.  I stir fried them really quickly in our cast iron wok pan.  PREPARE TO BE JEALOUS!

Yep, that's right.  Tony has a Le Creuset Cast Iron Wok Pan!!
Yep, that's right. Tony has a Le Creuset Cast Iron Wok Pan!!

It’s probably my favorite possession of his!!  It holds the heat so well.   But since we’ve been married for so long, I like to consider it ours!

So what is Forbidden Rice you ask?

Purple Rice!
Purple Rice!

One of my local grocery stores did a total makeover, trying to be more “Whole Foods.”  Well, during the process, they had an aisle where everything is 50% off!    That’s my kinda aisle!

So turns out you need to read all the words on the package?  It was 1 3/4 water to 1 cup rice and for some reason, I thought 1 cup of dry rice wouldn’t be enough, so I ended up doubling it.  Um, one cup uncooked makes 3 cups cooked!  Let’s just say there is a lot of leftover rice!   And it took about 45 minutes in my rice cooker vs. 20 minutes of regular rice.  At one point Tony wanted to know if dinner was going to be served at midnight! 

But it did have more fiber.  The weird thing is that it looked black as soon as I took it out of the cooker!   It tasted like a cross between brown rice and regular rice, and while cooking smelled strangely like popcorn!   The back of the package said that the legend is that  Forbidden Rice was once grown exclusively for the Emperors of China to enrich their health and ensure their longevity.  Probably marketing BS, but who knows?

I cooked the tuna steaks on our cast iron stove top grill pan.  Um, have you figured out I love cast iron?   The only problem with this grill pan is that it is A PAIN to clean.  It’s soaking now as we speak.  One side is a grill and the other side is flat and it cooks up the best pancakes.



So we just watched American Idol auditions in Salt Lake City, and wouldn’t you know it, an Osmond made it through!   And I noticed a religious tone to the song selections – coincidence?

Top Chef comes on Bravo in a half hour – I am anxious to see what recipes they put together for Super Bowl.  Tony has requested steak tartare, and a crab and artichoke dip.   I am going to thaw my leftover Italian Sunday Gravy for the entree – I think my step-son is going to love it!

Off to relax – see you tomorrow!